Problems after a web design

Problems after a web design

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Problems after a web design! There are so many articles that advise you what to do to design the right site. Personally, on the Internet, I’ve seen a lot of websites that have made important recommendations for web design, but they also made a lot of mistakes.

This article only attempts to make common mistakes among site designers

Some Problems after a web design

  • Hide the correct website in different browsers
  • Excessive use of bulk extra files
  • Use flash files and animated banners
  • Excessive use of JavaScript files
  • Lacking the correct font size
  • Misspellings
  • Use pop-ups
  • Music and video streaming
  • Failure to comply with the principle of tagging
  • Choose the wrong color in the design
  • Use horizontal scroll
  • Lack of home page compatibility with side features
  • Use multiple fonts on the site
  • Deleted and disabled links
  • and way more than this!

Dear reader, If your website is active and has one of these mistakes, I suggest that you correct these mistakes as soon as possible. And if you’re still in the site design step, I suggest you stay in touch with us for a few moments so our technical team can give you the best solutions.

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