5 Ways to maintain rank in search engine

5 Ways to maintain rank in search engine

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Five ways to keep rating in the search engine results. Be sure to make a lot of effort on the first page of search engine results. In this article, we will look at five ways that will help you keep your position. Creating a fixed source for site traffic is one of the basics of any type of online activity. If you do not have visitors, then you can not have a loyal and long-time visitor. When you show yourself as a power online, your search engines will give you more and better searchers. What will happen to you if you are on the first page of search results? SEO laws are constantly evolving and website owners must keep their information up to date.With these five solutions, you can keep track of the search engine algorithm updates while keeping your position on the front pages of the search engine results.

1. Your website should always be updated

This is a common mistake that the content of the site does not need to be updated. Search algorithms always look at the quality of the content and their newness. The old view (text only) can cause your position to be lost. If you want to keep your keyword status, you need to use a photo and video on the website’s content. Also, making changes and improving the appearance of the site can also help the users to stay longer on site.

2. Speed ​​up the website

Website speed factor is one of the oldest factors that search engines and especially Google consider it in website ranking. Most websites have a low speed, especially on mobile, with most searches on the go. Keep in mind that more than two million posts per day, if your website speed is low, visitors go to other websites. Google has asked webmasters to load web pages in less than a second. However, if you can not get the loading time below one second, it’s best to get the site’s minimum speed near this time. Fortunately, speeding up a website does not require the recruitment of an expert force, and you can increase your website speed by using the following strategies.

Use a high-speed web hosting service

Compress codes and photos on the site

Use Content Delivery Network (CDN)

If you do not have the patience, send us your website by contacting us.

3. Extend website quality links

The biggest mistake that website owners make in linking links is the importance of the number of links rather than link quality. If you have the right place for a keyword in search engines, then you do not need to add a lot of links to that page. Google can detect irrelevant links. Creating hyperlinks that are unrelated to the subject matter of the site will cause the search engines to place the website on a blacklist. Search engines want users to log in to view useful and relevant content on your site.

4. Proper use of external and internal links

Contrary to popular perception, internal links can be more important than link exchanges. Sending links to sites that are valid and relevant from your site will cause Google to identify your website’s communication with other websites. Always keep in mind that the external pages you link to provide useful and valid content to your users. For example, if your website provides services for one of the sports, you should not link to an unrelated university website. In the case of internal links, whenever you link something to another relevant content on your website, it will have a great impact on improving the position of the keyword you are looking for. When internal links are done correctly, Google will get to know the content of your site. In addition, users will spend more time on your website and will read more. As with external links, you should not use a lot of internal links.

5. Build and update social networks

How social networks affect the rank of search engines is not clear, but what is clear is the existence of good social networks that will make your website more prestigious in search engines. Getting links from social pages makes you linked to a credible website. As you get more content on the social network and re-release, more users will visit your website.

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