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Quasi Modo Modern is a highly respected and successful e-commerce business, recognized as an icon in the industry, displaying exceptional expertise. With a history of over three decades, the company has been committed to offering customers the finest products in modern interior design. At Quasi Modo Modem, they believe in providing high-quality products, coupled with their wealth of experience, which solidifies their position in the market. The company prides itself on maintaining the highest standards and meeting customer expectations by providing innovative products that cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. With their attention to detail and countless years of experience, customers can count on them to deliver exceptional service.


With Quasi Modo Modern excitement around to announcing their recent acquisition and change in ownership. This fantastic news came with the opportunity for the company to revitalize their image! In order to reflect the superior quality of their exquisite products, Quasi Modo Modern has requested a fresh and modern look. This exciting transition promises to not only bring a new vibrancy and creativity to the brand image, but also to ensure that Quasi Modo Modern remains at the forefront of the industry. The innovative and stylish designs of their products deserve to be showcased in a way that speaks to their attention to detail and expert craftsmanship.


Quasi Modo Modern, a popular and well-established brand in the industry, was facing certain challenges with their existing platform that had been developed on WordPress and using Ecwid. The team at Quasi Modo Modern realized the need to update their existing platform and create a memorable online experience that accurately displayed the over 1800 products they had. This task required extensive planning, design, and development to create a seamless user experience, highlighting their excellent services.

Working on this project was one of the most energizing and challenging experiences the team had encountered, but they were able to overcome all obstacles and create an exceptional website. The new website undoubtedly is leaving a lasting impression on Quasi Modo Modern’s loyal customers and new visitors alike while improving their online presence, increasing their sales and expanding their customer base.

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