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ICUBEUTM is an outstanding hub incubator that assists budding entrepreneurs in realizing their social entrepreneurship dreams. Being one of the most reputable places for early-stage start-ups, ICUBEUTM offers an array of impressive resources, programs, and workshops that are essential towards fostering the growth and development of start-ups. 

Additionally, the facility also provides tailor-made mentorship sessions for entrepreneurs to ensure they receive the right guidance to take their enterprises to the next level effectively. With ICUBE, making a difference in society has never looked more tangible. If you aim to create a positive impact in your community, don’t hesitate to drop by and seek guidance.


ICUBEUTM, the innovative social entrepreneurship hub, recently announced their decision to undergo a complete revamp of their branding strategy. As part of this transformation, they have requested several changes to their logo, slogan, and website, to better reflect their new focus on promoting social entrepreneurship. This decision was made after a period of introspection and analysis, where ICUBEUTM noticed that their profile of ventures lacked diversity and that the gender ratio of participants in their events and programs was not balanced. As a result, ICUBEUTM has decided to take bold steps towards promoting diversity, inclusivity and equitable access in the world of entrepreneurship. 


Our team was thrilled to work alongside ICUBE UTM on their rebranding project, which involved redesigning their logo, slogan, and website. Our goal was to create a fresh and innovative look that would appeal to both new and existing customers, while ensuring a seamless and enjoyable user experience. By following the client’s color scheme, we were able to deliver a cohesive visual identity that truly captures their essence. But it wasn’t just about aesthetics – we also assisted in expanding and further developing their social media pages, helping them reach a broader audience and engage more effectively with their followers. Thanks to our efforts, ICUBE UTM’s brand has been transformed from its previous predominantly tech-heavy, male-led focus to a more diverse and open-minded approach, positioning them for future success in the competitive market.

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