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eduTechnoz is a revolutionary educational platform that has garnered nationwide attention for its groundbreaking approach to teaching Arabic. Through the incorporation of gamification, students are able to engage with the language in an exciting and dynamic way, which has led to a newfound love and appreciation for the subject. Additionally, eduTechnoz has developed an innovative Arabic literacy model, which incorporates the vertical blending technique, ensuring that students are able to master the language from all angles. But eduTechnoz is more than just a one trick pony. The R&D team is constantly working to develop new and innovative solutions to address the current educational gaps and demands facing the country. In short, eduTechnoz is leading the way in transforming the way students learn Arabic and creating a brighter future for all children.


eduTechnoz reached out to us seeking help with their branding and website. Despite having an existing brand and website, they were facing challenges in acquiring new customers due to an outdated and untrustworthy website. They recognized the need to revamp their online presence in order to appeal to the modern, tech-savvy audience they were trying to attract.


As their biggest struggle was the loss of potential clients who lacked confidence in their website’s ability to provide a suitable user experience, we carefully evaluated their website to identify the underlying issues. Through a comprehensive redesign and facelift of their web platform, we successfully transformed their online presence into an appealing and reliable online source of information. This paved the way for numerous opportunities and conversions, helping eduTechnoz to achieve their marketing goals and gain a competitive advantage in the industry.

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