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Dokan: Is it worth the try?

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weDevs Dokan: Is it worth the try?

weDevs is a platform that assists small businesses all around the world through their multiple products and solves a variety of business issues. What makes this service unlike any others is its ability to feature- Rich Free and Pro plugins, problem-solve, as well as Open Source. With this being said, in today’s article, we will be discussing one of weDevs many products: Dokan.

What exactly is Dokan and how do users sign up?

Dokan is defined as the first and best multi-vendor marketplace solution for the WooCommerce marketplace which is powered by the most well-known Content Management System, WordPress.

Users can quickly sign up for Donkan by first choosing which package they want (Free or Paid) and following the steps listed below:

  1. First users must, login to the admin panel of your WordPress site. And navigate to Plugins → Add New → Dokan and. Click Install & Activate. After activating Dokan, users will get a multistep setup wizard screen so, they must carefully fill out the wizard.
  2. Next, users need WooCommerce to run Dokan. So, they will need to install it. Therefore, navigate to Plugins> Add New> WooCommerce> Install> Activate.
  3. Finally, to activate their license, users can follow the given documentation. However, if they choose to upgrade their existing package- for example, if they are using Dokan Starter and now want to upgrade to Professional or Business, they can read the other given documentation.

Notable features Dokan offers:

Dokan offers’ a variety of unique features to its users in both their Free subscription as well as a Paid subscription.  For a starting price of $149 a year, users can receive all the features listed below plus more, some of the features being:

  1. Independent Stores for Vendors: Similar to Shopify, eBay, Amazon – Dokan gives all their vendors a customized storefront so that the vendor in a marketplace feels empowered.
  2. Multiple Product Types: A vendor has endless opportunities to sell. A seller can list hundreds of products that can be of the same category or different ones. Products can be simple, physical, electronic, grouped, bookable, downloadable and many more.
  3. Stylish Storefronts: Dokan comes with an intuitive backend that works on the plug and plays functionality. Even the sellers with minimum knowledge of ‘How to create and manage an online store?’ would be able to start their eCommerce application.
  4. Earn from Each Sale as an admin: As an admin, users can charge commission globally, on a vendor, or get a special commission on a single product as a part of the monthly plan or on each product.
  5. Coupon Management: users will not need to spend time worrying about coupons. They can create exciting coupons, discounts, and notifications by the vendor during sales or off-season. A vendor can set the coupon expiry and restrictions as well as handle their discounts on their own.
  6. Order Management: Vendors can manage their own orders from their own accounts. Dokan categorizes the order status as delivered, pending so, this can replace adding general data.

Is Dokan a reliable service to use?

After doing further research, it is safe to say that Dokan is an extremely reliable, safe service to use. with over 1,006,000 downloads, 60,000 active online marketplaces as well as a 99% customer satisfaction rate. Along with this, testimonials are provided for users to read as well as updated rating reviews. With this being said, Donkan also assures its users that their personal information will never be displayed or given out to third party operators through their safety statement displayed on their company website.

The final message

To conclude, Donkan, provided by weDevs is an amazing service that assists small businesses with multi-vendor marketplace solutions, through the help of the Content Management System, WordPress. By observing its many useful features, it is evident that this service is extremely safe and beneficial for all small businesses to look into.

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