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3 ways to use social media to grow your small business

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3 ways to use social media to grow your small business

Social media can now be used as one of the most powerful tools to grow your small business. However, it can sometimes seem challenging and overwhelming to navigate and understand where to start. In today’s article, we will be discussing the top 3 ways to use social media to grow your small business. Each way is designed to add value to your social media accounts and help you, as an entrepreneur have a better understanding of how to engage with your current and future consumers.

1. Consistency is key

As an entrepreneur, you may already be familiar with how crucial consistency is within a business. With this in mind, a large part of being able to successfully market your business on social media is the implementation of consistency. When a social media account is constantly active, such as posting every day; it shows its followers that they are dedicated to keeping them up to date on any current or future projects, as well as allows your company to engage with your followers on a persistent basis. However, in order to maintain a consistent flow when marketing your business on different social media platforms, it is imperative that you take the initiative to create a plan that highlights your goals and objectives within each month. By doing so, you will be able to keep track of your social media progress, followers, as well as manage your long-term goals.

2. Create long-term relationships with your followers

A huge part of successfully growing your business is ensuring that you have long-term relationships with your consumers. A way to build this is through using social media platforms to connect with your consumers on a more personal level. Social media gives you, as a business the opportunity to share your company story and allow your followers to have a more in-depth understanding of how your business came to be. By sharing your company story, your followers will be able to recognize what your company stands for as well as what you hope to positively implement in their lives when they use your product or service. When your consumers feel as though they personally know you, and can connect, they begin to create a sense of loyalty to your business and therefore will add value to you, in the long-term.

3. Reach out to influencers who cater to a similar target audience

Social media influencers are now known for being some of the most impactful individuals in the business industry. They have the ability to impact the views and thoughts of their followers on a daily basis; whether that be through discussing a new brand that they recently found, or by discussing a product that they really enjoyed. Their influence is so impactful on their followers that within minutes, just one post can increase the sales of a business greatly. To be specific, about 8 out of 10 consumers have actually purchased a product or service after seeing an influencer recommend it (Rakuten marketing, 2019). With this being said, a central way to use social media to grow your business is to reach out, and partner with an influencer who caters to a similar target audience that you’re trying to reach. By doing so, you are now able to not only engage with your current followers but now have the ability to engage with new followers, who have found your social media platform through a fellow influencer.

The final message

Using social media to grow your small business can sometimes feel challenging, but through following the 3 ways to grow your social media platform as discussed in today’s article, your small business can be one step closer to growing immensely. It’s important to note, however, that your companies social media accounts are not going to grow overnight, everything with real value to it, takes time.



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