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WP Project Manager Is it worth the try?

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WP Project Manager, Is it worth the try?

weDevs is a platform that assists small businesses all around the world, through their multiple products which solve a variety of business issues. What makes this service unlike any others is its ability to feature- Rich Free and Pro plugins, problem-solve, as well as Open Source.

With this being said, in today’s article, we will be discussing one of weDevs many products: WP Project Manager; how to sign up, its many notable features, along with its privacy and security. 

What exactly is WP Project Manager and how do users sign up?

WP Project Manager is a powerful open-source, Project Management tool which assists its users in managing their work and ensuring that their projects are being delivered in a timely manner. What makes WP Project Manager unique, compared to other Project Management tools is its ability to ensure that the best use of resources is being implemented while planning, its ability to effectively organize and keep track of all projects assigned, its advanced time management tools as well as its advanced insight reports.

In order for Users to sign up for WP Project Manager, they are just required to follow the few steps listed below:

  1. Users must first log in to the admin panel of WordPress.
  2. Next, users must navigate to Plugins → Add New → Upload File.
  3. Once this is done, users must click Choose File and select the zipped file they previously downloaded from the given link.
  4. Lastly, users must click Install. When done, then click Activate.

Notable features WP Project Manager offers:

WP Crowding offers’ its users a variety of Free features while using their service. Key features include:

  1. Team Discussions: Users are able to have an open channel or private discussion on each project
  2. Milestones: Users are able to divide a project into a timeline and maintain goals more effectively.
  3. Gantt Chart: Users are able to have an illustrated view of their projects as well as task progress
  4. Task List: Users are able to manage each thread of tasks with an advanced task list for a better perspective of the project they are working on
  5. Dashboard: Users will have a page dedicated to displaying insights and a calendar-based visualization of what their team is working on presently
  6. File Management: Users will have access to a Google Drive styled document manager for easy sharing and security

Is WP Project Manager a reliable service to use?

Through further research, WP Project Manager, without a doubt is a safe, and reliable service to use. In terms of its privacy and security, the platform states that all users have access to two different privacy settings; the ability to control the overall privacy settings from the settings panel and also control privacy based on each project, along with this, users are able to mark tasks as private while creating them, only allowing particular team members of their choice to be able to see them. With this being said, WP Project Manager is committed to ensuring that all users privacy is protected especially with any personal information and guarantees this to their users through its high consumer ratings as well as its available testimonies on their website.

The final message

To conclude, WP Project Manager provided by weDevs is an amazing service that assists its users in managing their work and ensuring that their projects are being delivered in a timely manner. By observing its many useful features, it is evident that this service is extremely safe and beneficial for all businesses to look into.

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