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WP ERP: Is it a good choice for small businesses?

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WP ERP: Is it a good choice for small businesses?

weDevs is a platform that assists small businesses all around the world, through their multiple products which solve a variety of business issues. What makes this service unlike any others is its ability to feature- Rich Free and Pro plugins, problem-solve, as well as Open Source.

With this being said, in today’s article, we will be discussing another of weDevs many products: WP ERP, how to sign up, its many notable features, its overall privacy and security as well if it’s a good option for small businesses to use.

What exactly is WP ERP and how do users sign up?

WP ERP is a platform that assists small businesses all from a WordPress dashboard. It optimizes small business with powerful HR Manager, CRM and Accounting tools through unlocking more than 20 extensions and Project Management modules.

In order for Users to sign up for WP ERP, they are just required to follow the few steps listed below:

  1. Users must first log in to the admin panel of WordPress.
  2. Next, users must navigate to Plugins→ Add New → Upload File.
  3. Once this is done, users must click Choose File and select the zipped file they previously downloaded from the given link.
  4. Lastly, users must click Install. When done, then click Activate.

Notable features WP ERP offers:

For a fee of $9.99 a month features include: 
  1. Everybody Gets a Dashboard: Each employee has their very own personalized dashboard for knowing about the latest announcements, needs to wish a colleague or who is out of the office and self-attendance system [via Attendance extension]
  2. Complete Leave Management: WP ERP provides a complete leave management system for HR. User employees can request for a leave and get an overview of upcoming holidays and remaining leave balances. HR Manager has full control over the leaves and easy reporting is also available.
  3. Human Resource Reports: If users Need quick reports for proper decision-making WP ERP HRM module can generate graphical reports about the whole company depending on various factors.
  4. Nurture Customers Using Advanced CRM: WordPress CRM Plugin – No Limit on Anything. Users can manage their contacts with easy filtering and live stages, send emails, schedule meetings, calls, create tasks, create segments and much more.
  5. Complete Customer Management: users can handle customers and company representatives. From a fresh lead to a regular buying customer, manage contents and support essentials for everyone as well as use filters to segment their users in any way
  6. Prepare for Follow-Ups: Users can schedule their meetings, send emails and keep notes. With individual logging, users can check their progress and assess how their compliance team is performing. Along with this, users can transfer customers to higher personnel when necessary and create customer groups for more focused assistance.
  7. Build Relationships with Companies: With company profiles, users can manage multiple representatives of a company to follow up without any hindrance.
  8. Accounting for all the non-accountants: Users are able to take control of their companies finances in real-time through the accounting module. Users are able to manage customers, vendors, sales, expenses, Bank accounts and various reports which regenerate live and detailed reports and make transactions that generate invoices as well as pay employees all the single place
  9. Speedy Stats: Users can get a quick surface idea of their company’s finances with the Dashboard. It updates in real-time and covers everything they need.
  10. Handy Accounting Reports: in every section, users will receive reports for everything. Reports help present numbers better and absorb the information more easily.
  11. Integrated Project Management System: Looking for a perfect project management solution that works just as good as your favourite popular solutions but also inexpensive? WP ERP has the essential features for all business project management needs with the WP Project Manager Integration!
  12. Birds Eye View with Calendar: Users are able to See their project overview with due, completed and future to-dos. Along with this, users are able to see which milestones need to be completed and who is responsible for each. With the drag-n-drop feature, they can change the due date.

Is WP ERP a reliable service to use?

Through further research, it is safe to say that WP ERP is a secure and reliable service to use.

In terms of its privacy and security, the platform states that all users have access to two different privacy settings; the ability to control the overall privacy settings from the settings panel and also control privacy based on each project. Along with this, the product has acquired thousands of installations and has been featured by many popular companies such as Cloudways, Kinsta Feedspot and many more. WP ERP also guarantees its customers 100% satisfaction, if their plugin doesn’t meet its user’s needs, money back is also guaranteed.

With this being said, WP ERP is committed to ensuring that all users privacy is protected especially with any personal information and ensures that their users’ needs are met.

Should small businesses use WP ERP?

Now the big question is, should small businesses use WP ERP? The answer is yes. This service offers small businesses a variety of features that can’t be found on many other platforms for such a great price. Small businesses can use WP ERP to grow their business and keep track of their accomplishments over the long-term.

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