Why should you have a blog?

Why should you have a blog?

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With the passage of time and the launch of brand-new brands, these days, the blog has become a necessary necessity for every website. It does not make much difference if you are just going to have a personal blog where you can publish daily content, or have a blog for your company that deals with the services provided and the training people need about your product. Anyway, having any blogging goal, having blogging and content creation will have a huge benefit for your website.

In this article, I intend to introduce the benefits of blogging and introduce some amazing reasons why we should use blogs for websites.

Why should I use blog for my website?

First of all do not confuse this blogging with external blogging systems, those do not benefit you that much! Your blog should be in the main website itself, or in a blog folder or in a sub folder. The only benefit that blogging services might have is a high degree of domain ownership that can help you grow faster in search engines, but there are other key reasons that will end the use of blogging services, including the lack of a map.

Successful businesses have a blog!

Certainly, businesses that have blogs are more successful than a business that does not have a blog. Because the blog of these businesses has actually become a hangout for customers. Aside from this, the focus is on the brand, and whenever the customer needs guidance on relevant services, instead of running on different sites, it’s easy to get answers to their questions through the website’s blog.

The Benefits Of Blogging And The Benefits Of Having A Blog.

These days, you’ve also heard about content marketing and internet marketing, and you’re aware of the importance of content that’s getting more and more updated every day. Content Creation is the best way to attract many customers in your business. Perhaps the following figures are interesting to you.

  1. Companies that have blogs have an inbound link to their website up to 97% more than websites that do not have blogs.
  2. 81 percent of American users trust the blogs and use the information they provide on blogs.
  3. Those who are active in the field of Internet marketing and have blogs, get 68% more than the rest of the key customer.
  4. 60 percent of users read the company’s custom content on their blog, and 61 percent of American users buy and use the same company’s services that are advertise in the blogs.

Unfortunately, some website administrators do not want to create blogs for a variety of reasons, such as the long process of customer engagement through blogging, the inability to generate content, the reluctance to pay for the author, and the production of content and other reasons. But they are unaware that the future is to produce content, and without content creation, it can only be achieved by focusing on advertising. Of course, content production is not limited to text content, it can be used through a variety of multimedia content such as video, podcast, and info-graphic. However, the items listed are beyond the content of the text, because they alone can not meet the needs of each user. I’m going to continue to introduce the benefits of blogging and the benefits of having a blog for business.

1. Obtaining the needs of the day

The main advantage of having a blog for a website is that you can get the customer’s needs, and by planning the right thing to do, create a new product and introduce the product. The greatest creative ideas have been shaped by the analysis of these needs and have not always been a product of the past to the present, as long as there is no need for it.

Just check the blog and website statistics and see what customers are looking for. What are you looking for? What are your interests in your business? And all the other information you can get by getting statistics. Then, by examining the same needs, first, create a product or create content on the blog and solve the customer’s need. After doing this, you should see some changes that are good:

  1. Attract customer satisfaction
  2. Brand strength
  3. Focus on the product and be on the list of the first businesses that launched this idea
  4. Get more traffic from search engines
  5. Attract new customers
  6. More sales
  7. And…

2. Increase website SEO

Websites that are only active in the sale of a product or in the provision of certain services have fewer pages. Even a business may not build a new page for a year, because the service or products do not need constant update. So, by building a blog for the website, we can create more pages and become known as an active website for Google. Of course, the production of pages does not mean that we record a number of unprintable, high-quality content just for the sake of having more links on Google. But our pages should be completely based on the principles of content production.

What do you think will happen after a year of blogging? Perhaps the following things that are my own experiences will be interesting to you.

  1. Personally, I do not see the Alexa rating as a benchmark for measuring websites. But after a one-year regular daily activity on website’s blogging, the website faced a dramatic change in Alexa rating.
  2. At the start of the day, traffic could reach 2,000 IP daily, but after a year, all traffic reached over 10,000 unique visitors.
  3. The average website status in search engines ranged from 8.9 to 12, but after one year, it reached the 2.3 point in business-related words, which is all because of the blogs.

So, it’s very simple to see that blogging on a website will result in a very high growth of a business in search engines, which has many benefits.

3. Increasing website traffic and attracting visitors

Thanks to the increase in website SEO by blogging, most visitors come to the blog. During this period you have not spent any on advertising. Now, if after one year, you start spending the money you put on the side for advertisement on blogging will the situation not be multiplier?

Thanks to the increased browsing experience that has taken place, new users enter your website and become familiar with your business after reading the content. Hopefully, same of these users, thanks to the branding, customer orientation, focus on providing services through blogging and value creation will become your customers too.

4. Informing customers

Not everyone check their emails on a regular basis. But most of the customers you receive will continually review your blog to read new content. So, be sure to consider blogging more than email marketing. For example, whenever you want to upgrade your system or fix an irregularity, let customers know a few days earlier through this blog.

5. Enhanced customer engagement

Having more interaction with the customer and, as far as possible, the direct and knowing relationship in a business online with the customer, is the most important part of every business. It simply does not solve the production of quality content for the customer. But the customer needs to interact and connect with you. It should be clear who the viewers are interacting and cooperating with. Perhaps the following ideas are also needed to enhance creative engagement.

  1. Set up a section called “Staff” on your blog and introduce your employees and their biographies. Customers can find out who they are dealing with by reading the employee’s story and working experience with the company.
  2. Bring them together with invitations to customers and creating campaigns that you create on social networks by hashtags. You can also award top prizes to top players. This will help your branding.
  3. Create a section to give customers the concerns they have for business, or any other word that may be useful to other customers who are in the business.

The other thing is that doing the these will make your business better known to others. The easiest way to engage with users is through the perspective of the views. Of course, do not try to censor the critical and negative views. You might think that these perspectives make fugitive and doubtful for new users. However, you need to know that if you have a lot of satisfied customers, those customers will not mind giving you a positive review. Make your satisfied customers announce their experience about your business to new or even unhappy users.

6. Promotional use and introduction of new products

After your blog grows and thanks to the SEO and increase in the popularity of your website, you can now take steps to create new products and introduce products. Blogs may be the best place to introduce a product and also provide discount codes to buy the product. You can even request customer feedback to create promotional campaigns.

Customers are part of your business family that you must maintain and support.

7. Quality creation and branding

If blogging is pursued in the right way, then you know the most important thing is the quality. If you want to be seen, branded and considered important, you should have value for the customer. Remember, nothing is more important than spirituality and quality of content in the minds of the customer. After you create value quality work, you will encounter a series of thank-you comments from customers.

How to create a blog?

Now that you’ve got a lot of blogging advantages and the benefits of blogging for a website and you decided to start blogging, you should also know how to build a blog. Creating a blog can start with a web hosting, a domain and launch by a content management system such as WordPress

There are two ways to have a blog next to a website, let’s examine which one will be better. As you know and see, usually blogs are on the same website for majorly big companies, however there are two common ways to see and setup your blog.

  1. Create blog for website in sub-folder like website.com/blog
  2. Build blog for website in sub-domain like blog.website.com

Which option is best suited to you? sub-domain or sub folder? Is the sub-domain’s impact on SEO better, or is the sub-folder effect better in SEO?

If you’re careful, the biggest online businesses use the sub-folders to do this. Because creating a blog in the sub-folder is part of the website and thanks to this, it focuses on increasing the domain’s authority and achieving a better ranking in search engines. But the use of the sub-domain in the blog itself is a separate website and will not have much impact on the main domain in terms of SEO. So if you want to set up a blog for a website, be sure to create a blog in a folder or sub-folder.

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