Why not ASP.Net?

Why not ASP.Net?

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If you look at TechCrunch new startups these days, it seems that most startups are based on Linux, not ASP.Net! If someone is setting up their own startup, they want to choose the best option and one can only choose one option, and it seems that people choose things different than ASP.Net for their startup. Why isn’t any startup making their website based on ASP.Net? And why is ASP not used in website design?

Microsoft has a lot of energy and time to build the Net Framework. And it can be said that most of the Windows software that was written in the past decade use it. The ASP.Net web framework has also been created by Microsoft to compete against the Java platform for building web applications, but only a very few websites are built on it. where is the problem from? Is the issue costing? Is the server cost? All of these factors, plus several other factors, can be the main reasons for not using ASP.Net.

ASP.Net problems

1. Cost

A development program with the help of .Net in addition to server hosting costs, the number of people, and also increase of the time spent on the project, all add up to the need for a huge budget to spend!. Because of the high cost of ASP.Net, many businesses and startups prefer not to use it. Using free and open source tools can greatly reduce costs.

PHP, MySQL server, PostgreSQL server, and Apache, as well as Linux operating system, are all free and their updates are also free. There are no fees for purchasing additional features. You also do not need to use multiple servers to load balancing.

2. Support

ASP.NET relies on a limited number of Microsoft developers to provide updates and upgrades. This has caused fewer updates and weaker support for ASP.NET problems in front of open source platforms such as PHP. This has led to slower progress and more expectations for ASP.NET upgrades.

3. Time

In order to complete the complex code and ASP.NET functions in comparison with PHP, it will take longer to complete the code, and the development time should be added to that time. The timing of projects that use ASP.Net has also prevented many businesses and startups from welcoming it.

4. Performance

In web applications and websites, the performance of the website is on the server. This function is checked between the script, the database and the server.

Most of the database used on websites designed with ASP.Net is the Microsoft SQL Server database. (Of course, ASP.Net websites can also be used with the MySQL database). In terms of performance, PHP’s performance with the MySQL database is far beyond ASP.Net with the SQL Server database. This is due to the need for SQL Server libraries to create this discrepancy.

Most PHP-based websites use LAMP (LAMP is a shortened 4-word for PHP, MySQL-Server, Apache, Linux). LAMP is the most popular web development environment for its decent performance and is optimized for proper operation.

Another factor affecting the performance of a website is the operating system used and the file system used on the server. The Linux operating system, along with the EXT4 file system, has better management and control over the input and output streams, and the Windows operating system with the NTFS file system has a weaker performance than Linux. So the function of a PHP website on a Linux-based server is far better than the Windows-based website written with ASP.Net.

However, the choice is with you. You can design your website based on ASP or PHP or other programming languages. What is your opinion? Still, you insist on a particular programming language?

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