What not to make!

What not to make!

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5 mistakes in the production of content that you should avoid

The production of promotional content is a very important factor in SEO. Creating quality content is a factor that helps your website rank better in search results and can be distinguished among competitors.

You may also want to produce content correctly and without any serious mistakes so that you will not get into any problem in the future. But the question is, how to avoid mistakes on this path to production? In this article, we are going to tell you the common mistakes that others are making in content creation, so that you can would not do it.

Not investigating the keyword

Do not doubt that the production of principled content for SEO begins with keyword research. We suggest you spend time before you get to find the keywords you want to rank for them in search results and investigate some time on it. Take the keyword research process seriously, maybe this process is a bit boring, but we promise you it will be worth it. Do not skip this step!

Generate copy and bad content

One of the biggest mistakes made in copyrights and content production is writing content solely for SEO. As you have heard many times, the content of the king. Helpful and useful content helps you get the best rank in your search results. But keep in mind that content should not be written only for search engines, but for the real viewers.

Think about the subject matter you are about to write. Always keep your audience first. You must write quality content based on pure and genuine ideas. This type of content can attract more traffic to your website. Producing content that is useful and is in the quality is exactly what transforms a visitor into a customer!

Use too much keyword or keyword stuffing

If you are familiar with SEO, be sure to know about keyword stuffing. When you find your keywords, try not to emphasize too much about them. You do not need to use the keyword in your sentence! Keep in mind that excessive use of a keyword in the content will reverse the result and will not help in ranking your website. Read more about this in our website over-optimization article.

Reading such a text is very difficult, and no user is interested in reading content written for search engines. Also, if you optimize your content too much for search engines, you then have to deal with Google penalties. Using the Yoast plugin, you can easily find out the number of keywords in your text. The Yoast plugin tells you that 2.5% of your text should focus on the keyword you want. If the keyword density is greater than this, the Yoast plugin will alert you.

Focusing on one keyword

Do not focus too much on a particular keyword. Try to rank well for multiple keywords, synonyms or family members by generating good content. Especially when you want to have a good ranking on Google search results! For example, you can use both Adidas blue men’s shoes and Adidas blue shoes for men.

Unreadable content

One more mistake made in the area of ​​content creation is that some people produce unreadable or boring content. We all know well that it’s very hard to write good content, however, your article should be so clear and understandable that the reader will have no problem reading it.

Try not to use long sentences. The number of words in blog posts is very important, take them seriously. Avoid words and phrases as much as possible. Also, check your text structure clearly to make sure your readers understand your message well. Perhaps we can say that the most important part of production of content is the clear and understandable text of an article.

Readers should be able to easily read and understand what you write. If you can write a text that is easy for readers to read, your readers will continue to visit your website.

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