What is Long Scrolling?

What is Long Scrolling?

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Long Scrolling

One of the design techniques that the website designers have shown some use in the design of the website since 2016.

The design of long-range websites is increasing day by day and many websites today use this design method. The benefits of long scrolling is the user orientation, in addition to the beauty and visual appeal, increase The popularity of the website.

Long scrolling benefits:

  • The ability to display well on mobile screens and tablets and the convenience of working with touch screens
  • More potential for storytelling and more engagement with users
  • Moving pages is pleasing to the eye of the users
  • Creating a challenge for the user to see the end of the scroll and increase the attractiveness of the website

Effective methods for using long scrolling

1. Consider a visual indication

A small token like a small arrow at the bottom of the page or even a scroll “scroll down” will tell the viewer that most of the website’s content is down, and one is supposed to scroll down.

2. Displays as the main page of the website

Scrolling means that you don’t need to create more pages, but rather rebuilding the main page. Consider each screen as a website page. Consider each page as a package and include the theme of the background, wallpaper, and even the same CTA. This process will make the website more organized and help the audience understand how the website works.

For websites with little pages, it’s best to use scroll-activated navigation instead of long-scroll. From animations and clever effects to use the moving pages to create more engagement for the audience.

3. Use sticky navigation and jump-to

One of the biggest risks of long scroll navigation, as well as one of the most important threats that threaten websites that use long scroll navigation, is the user’s patience. The visitor may lose its path or does not know where things are located. Sticky navigation is the solution to this problem. Sticky navigation is a menu that stays fixed on all the pages and allows the user to navigate to their desired page and section. Jump-to-start is also a must-have for at least jumping to the start of the page.

4. Scroll-triggered Animations

Using animations that are activated by scrolling creates a user’s visual appeal and engagement with the mind. Using animations that are activated by scrolling eliminates undesirable scrolling effects and causes creating a sweet experience for the user. The user’s mind creates a question “What happens next?”

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