What is CloudLinux?

What is CloudLinux?

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CloudLinux, an operating system developed on the basis of CentOS Linux distribution. The use of CloudLinux is in web hosting because it is designed solely for this purpose. Hosting companies use the CloudLinux to increase the level of performance, security, and the ability to allocate resources to any host.

Features of the CloudLinux operating system

  • Allocation of dedicated resources to any account via the LVE Manager tool
  • Rising security of the operating system through SecureLinks to prevent Symlink
  • Increasing the security of accounts with the CageFS tool
  • Ability to use multiple versions of PHP on the server with the PHP Selector tool
  • Low memory consumption by means of the Mod_lsapi tool
  • Ability to use Ruby Selector and Python Selector tools
  • Take advantage of MySQL Governor’s control tool
  • Provide the ability to use outdated PHP versions with the HardenedPHP tool

Installing CloudLinux and its Tools

CloudLinux can be installed in a variety of ways. The installation packages are available as ISO files as well as packages under SSH, which you can use each of them. Given that the CloudLinux operating system is costly, you have to install the license key before installing it. This license key can be either a free trial of 30 days or a purchase one. You can use the following links to create a license key or purchase it:

Buy Cloud Linux License / Cloud Linux Trial License

Introducing the Linux LVE Manager Toolkit

The LVE Manager tool allows you to assign specific resources to any host in the server. This tool will cause a host of other resources to go down if the resource consumption is rising so that all of the server resources are not affected. The LVE Manager tool provides the ability to allocate resources such as CPU, RAM, number and type of processing, reading and writing value, and … for hosting companies.

Introducing the Linux CageFS Toolkit

The CageFS tool allows any account and its executables to be limited, and in fact this will protect the general security of the server. The CageFS tool as a cache of accounts on shared hosting services is also a very good phrase for this issue.

Introducing Linux Selector PHP Selector Tool

The PHP Selector tool allows you to use different versions of PHP in accounts. This will ensure that the server’s compatibility and performance for the accounts is as high as possible and that all accounts can easily execute their desired PHP scripts as best they can.

Introducing MySQL Governor Tool for Linux

Usually, the use of one-host hardware resources is done on the server from its database side. The MySQL Governor tool allows you to control and monitor the use of accounts in the MYSQL service easily. In this case, server performance and stability will be as high as the most significant part of the server’s consumption is fully controlled.

Better security with CloudLinux operating system

Other tools like HardenedPHP, SecureLinks, in addition to improved performance, increase the security of servers and accounts. As you know, some old and even new PHP versions are no longer supported. The HardenedPHP tool allows you to use them safely. SecureLinks also protects the operating system’s core from SymLinks attacks and provides the highest security possible.

So give them a try! fun fact, Kiuloper is runnning on CloudLinux! so join the family 🙂

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