What is a virtual private server?

What is a virtual private server?

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VPS or Virtual Private Server (VPS). The virtual private server is part of a complete dedicated server. This is done with virtualization. That is, a server is divided into several sections that use them for different purposes. Given that the resources of a complete server are divided into several parts, often and under the same conditions, the cost of purchasing a virtual server is lower than the dedicated server. In this article, we will discuss the virtual server and explain its applications. Please come along with us.

What is a virtual private server used for?

VPS has many uses and can be used for a lot of things. Below are some of them:

  • A relatively high-used website hosting
  • Use virtual server for web services like e-mail server, server database and …
  • Use a virtual server to control or improve system performance
  • Use of the virtual server as a secondary communication agent and information encryption
  • Doing things that require high-speed Internet with high traffic.
  • And dozens more …

The process of preparing a virtual private server

Depending on the technology and virtualization structure, virtual servers typically come from one or more dedicated servers. In the usual mode, multiple virtual servers are taken from a dedicated server. For this purpose, the virtualization is required for an agent (virtualization software). Virtualization systems are available for free or paid, for various operating systems based on their type and function. It is also necessary that the desired server support virtualization technology. There are a number of specific solutions to create a virtual server, either Local or Public.

For example, for any web-based virtual private server, at least one IP should be considered in order to be able to register it on the network. Virtualization systems are divided either individually or collectively, based on the number of authorized CPU cores, the amount of RAM required, the amount of hard disk space, and … for each virtual server. The purpose of dedicated or shared resources is that each server has the right to access resources in a fully dedicated manner or can use shared resources collectively. It is not possible to expect high quality in shared mode. Here are some of the virtualization technologies and operating system that are commonly used to run VPS:

  • Virtuozzo virtualization model
  • OpenVZ virtualization model
  • VMware virtualization model
  • Xen virtualization model
  • KVM virtualization model
  • And …

Each of the virtualization modules has one or more unique features that you can investigate and find which one best solves your needs.

Virtual server types

Virtual private servers are typically categorized based on the operating system, virtualization model, and its technology. Below are some types of virtual server categories:

  • Linux Virtual Server (with the possibility of installing a variety of Linux distribution systems)
  • Windows VPS (with the possibility of installing most Windows Server operating systems)
  • Dedicated virtual server (with fully dedicated resources such as CPU, RAM and …)
  • Shared virtual server (with shared hardware resources)
  • Cloud virtual server
  • (with a different structure in order to increase the level of performance, stability, security, etc.)
  • There are other categories that are referred to the most important and most used ones.

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