What is a Tone of Voice?

What is a Tone of Voice?

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The term “Tone of Voice” is not just the content, but how it is expressed. To get the right tune for your brand, you should not only choose the right words, but you must put them right together and express the rhythm and speed of the sentence. Usually, in the world of business and marketing, the tone of voice is concerned only with written content, not spoken conversations. Brand tones are used in all content including websites, social networks, emails, product packaging, and so on.

Keep in mind that the art of marketing is the art of branding. If you do not brand, you just become a commodity. In that case, the price is the most important factor and the one who sells cheaper wins.

What is the cause of “Tone of Voice”?

In this section, we will try to examine the effect of brand tone on the formation of your brand personality in the mind of the audience.

What is the significance of Tone of Voice?

Brand tone represents the identity of a brand! Given that, we find that not only the product or services that a company offers is important, but its identity is also important. The tone of voice gets into the brand soul and reflects its personality and values. The tone of voice represents people behind the scenes and those who are involved in the brand.

Tone of your brand voice distinguishes you from competitors

The tone of your brand must be different from the tune of others, be recognizable and specific. It may be very hard to take all these points into consideration, but with care one can realize that they are used in our everyday lives. We all use our own tone in our speechs and writings.

Of course, culture and dialect play a very important role in using the right tone in our speech. Yet, again, we have expressions, words, and speeds in expressing sentences which is different between one and another.

The tone of voice brings brand trust

According to the research, there is a very strong relationship between familiarity and trust. Our minds are less bothered to process the subject with which we are familiar, which makes it more comfortable to deal with. In this situation, we are more pleased to be alongside someone that we understand.

Given this fact, your brand must use the same literature in your writing so that the customer becomes more familiar with it and communicates with you.

Your tune can convince others

There is a famous saying that “people forget the words and deeds, but they will never forget the good feelings.” Most of the time, we move our senses to the opposite side. People are very sensitive to the literature used in the speech, so immediately after talking to others, they will form a positive or negative mentality in their minds. For example, a simple request can be expressed in different ways:

“Excuse me, do you have an extra pen that I can borrow?”
“Do you have a pen you can loan me?”
“Give me your pen!”

So choose the words carefully so you can convince the audience or influence them. For example, politicians use short sentences to show that their statements are honest and express real facts. On top of that, financial companies often use unobtrusive, high words to make their superiority to the liking of others.

Ultimately, that tone is a successful tone that the audience does not notice at all. The goal is not to admire your audience, but to help your audience understand the size of your business.

How to find your tone of voice?

To do this, we’ve designed four simple questions to help you your tone by answering each one and reviewing them.

  1. Is your brand humorous or serious?
    Are you humorous and enjoy joking and playing? Is it fun to connect with a customer and look at it as a joke?
    What is your opinion about talking about serious topics? Do you consider them to be heavy and inconceivable, and you refuse to enter them, or will you be recklessly involved in such discussions?
  2. Is your brand official or intimate?
    What is your favorite advertising brand? What is the vocabulary used in your brand?
    Identify your goal of providing content!
  3. Is your brand polite or reckless?
    Ask yourself; What does the audience encounter when reading your content (talking to you)? A constructive argument, a reminder, or a …
  4. Is your brand passionate or logical?
    Do you want to show your capabilities to others? Do you want to create excitement in others?
    Is your goal, providing comprehensive information? Is your discussion more logical than emotional?

By answering these 4 questions, you can know the right tune for your brand. Please let us know what do think about this article? what is helpful? did you found your tone of voice?

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