Website optimization or Google Adwords?

Website optimization or Google Adwords?

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SEO and site optimization is done using partial techniques, which can be said that each of them only affects 10% of the site. Like when you want to build a house, we are using a variety of components: foundation, sketching, bricks, electrical work, etc. Each of these factors does not work properly in building the house alone, which is exactly the same in optimizing a website.
The competition for SEO and site optimization is very high and you have to spend a lot of money to get the right result. If you are thinking of circumventing Google’s rules and other search engines, you will be fined or penalized, and you will be deleted with your keyword from Google’s results.
Website and SEO optimization can really be costly, however, if you have the right SEO knowledge, you can almost say that site optimization will not cost you much at all.
The explanations given above are only part of the optimization and SEO features, and for further explanation in this field, we need more specialized and comprehensive descriptions that are referred to in various articles on this website.
You can find more information in this article about SEO and optimization.

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is basically an ad that is made by Google itself on the Google search pages. These ads are also known as per-click-advertising, which means that the cost of these ads is calculated per click per IP.
These ads are so targeted and accurate that they can exactly get what you expect. By choosing the perfect keywords, you can get great results. This way, any user who searches for the keywords in Google, they will see your website in the first line of the results. How does this happen? Because you are paying Google to display your site in the results of the search page or SERP at the top of the results.
With Google Adwords Ads, getting to the first line and the first page in Google is only possible in a few minutes. But staying in this position depends on your budget for these ads.
As long as you’re on the first line and on the front page, you will be charged the same amount. The charge will be deducted per users per click, and when the amount charged reaches the limit, the ads will be removed from Google.
In such a situation when you pay a lot of advertising for the entry of users, you should get the most out of the paid cost. Good feedback means sales! The ultimate goal of any Internet business is to gain and sell, and the only one who can benefit us is the users. Should you expect to see what happens if users enter the site? A user who searches for the word will not even buy from that website if it is a website with low content compare to one with a lot of content, even if this website is on the first line. What a user expects after visiting the website is:

1. The site is linked to a promotion

The purpose of advertising with the website is that the user is faced with the search for that specific keyword, even if the user is visiting the website that offers what the user wants. The user will not communicate with those products and will leave the website if there isn’t any special offer or promotion to interest the user. So the keyword that we have enabled Google Adwords Ads must be fully related to the subject matter of the website and help the user find exactly what they are looking for.

2. A good landing page

This page, when advertised on it, can only be important from the point of view of users, and Google itself does not care much about the page that the ads are. That is if a white page without any graphics and no text is being advertised on Google will still be displayed on the Google results page.
The landing page is the page the user enters into when they click on the ad. This page should have a good access and a good design, that is, the design should be:

  1. Simple and clear about the working and interaction of the website
  2. Site content and landing page are referenced and not copied from other sites
  3. The nature of the business is very clear and we know what the website is about

Most importantly, it really helps the user to make their purchases and find what they’re looking for, and also see all the information on the product. In such a situation, the user will easily spend money on your website.

Other issues such as the beauty of the site, the color, and the logo can be useful in satisfying users to become familiar with the website. We need to put ourselves in the place of users, we also communicate with beautiful websites and may remember them more than just a simple format website.
But it should be taken into account that websites should first focus on the relevance and completeness of the content, and the next step to satisfy users with the beauty of the website.

Now, when we make sure that the website is useful to the user, we can use the Google Adwords Census Adjusters to further explore our market.
Google Adwords can track many important factors for us, such as:

  1. Most Popular Keywords
  2. The number of searches for words in different time periods
  3. Suggest better words that have more searching
  4. The location and time of users
  5. Users who have entered the site, mobile or computer
  6. How long have users been staying on the site and how many of them have left the site
  7. And…

Because of the huge amount of services provided by Google Adwords, this kind of advertising is happening globally, and all users of this service are happy with the good service that Google is offering.

Now, another issue that Google Adsense needs to review is the cost of these ads.

Google Adwords Advertising Cost

Google Adwords Ads are so profitable for Google, which is the main revenue for this kind of advertising. That is, as long as you know how to control the cost of this type of advertising. If you work with a professional Google expert, the cost of your AdWords ads will be greatly reduced.
As we said at the beginning, the cost of this kind of advertising is paid on a clickable basis. By doing this, you can bid on Google and if you optimize your adverts advertising by an expert, you can reduce the cost to one-tenth of a dollar.

It is also possible to control the amount of site entrance per day; we can set up $20 advertising ads per day, or we can specify in certain time intervals, for example, from 8 am to 3 pm since the promotion is active. In Google Adwords ads, there is also a limitation of displaying ads to users, for example: restricting a city or province to display ads is also possible. We can display ads only for a city or remove a city from the list.
If you have something to do with your business that is in the first line of Google, you can easily upgrade them by turning Google ads up and down. The point here is that powerful companies, in spite of their strong SEO skills, are turning the ads on so that others can not compete with them. This makes you have to pay more for advertising. This cost is determined by the competitor’s site. Any number your competitor has enabled for Google Adwords ads, your offer to Google bid should be higher than the number proposed by them.
Maybe it’s going to be harder in such a situation and you have to pay a lot of money, but there is another solution to reach the first line.
With the help of Google Adwords and raising the quality level of advertising (Quality Score), costs can be reduced.
The question now is how to raise the level of advertising quality (Quality Score)?
Here are a few of the most important things we’ll explain:

Use proper and targeted keywords

Enter the words that are exactly the target of your website. These words include the keyword long tail. For example, the word “mobile” is not a good keyword for Google Adsense ads, but “the Samsung A-Series mobile purchase” will surely get better results.

Add negative keywords

Negative keywords help to control the amount of users entering your site and the cost of advertising will not go away in vain. If you do not restrict your words, your ads will appear in the first row of search results with related words. For example, the word “house rental” is the keyword you are looking for, and you expect users who are looking to rent a house to come to your site, but the user has entered the website in the first line of the results by entering “house for sale”. When they view your website, they will find that you do not provide the service that they are looking for, and you will be charged for this wrong entry.

Optimize and design the landing page for the user

As we said already, the landing page is designed to satisfy the user and reduce the exit rate.

Finally, let’s compare Google AdWords with site optimization (SEO)

We found out from this article that site optimization and Google Adwords advertisements both have positive and negative features to boost website rankings.

If you are starting with a lot of budgets and have no trouble activating this type of advertising, the best thing is to enable is Google Adwords Ads, but if you do not want to rush to get to the first pages of the search engine and you plan to spend your money on SEO.
SEO is an operation that does not result as fast as Google ads, but it has the advantage that if you keep up-to-date on the site and the white hat is not forgotten, you can always get a good ranking for your site.

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