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Web hosting is the first thing a website needs to actually run.
A storage space to save your files, and your website on.

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What is the difference between them?

Well, there is quite a lot of difference between these products, however, we tried to make it into a more general format for everyone to understand.

  • Shared Hosting

    Well, shared hosting plans are one of the cheapest out there. Whether you are just starting a website, or already have a few projects, Linux shared hosting plans are the perfect place to accommodate them all!

    In shared hosting, in the simplest way possible, you are sharing storage space, RAM, and bandwidth with different people! but don't worry, this would not affect your website security at all.

  • WordPress Hosting

    While you can run WordPress on any other product and plans that we have, if you are looking for something that is stress-free, fast, and fully optimized for WordPress, then you are in the right place.

    Managed WordPress Hosting is perfect for those who just do not want to deal with the performance, security or update issues, with this product, you will just be enjoying what you love the most.

  • VPS Hosting

    VPS Hosting, which stands for a virtual private server, is perfect for those that just do not trust others. With VPS hosting, you will have a specific space and speed all to yourself. All aside from the fact that you will be FREE from all the restrictions with shared hosting.

    All of our Linux VPS hostings come with different OS templates for you to use. VPS hosting is perfect for those who have heavy files that need to be uploaded. Multimedia websites, web hosting websites, and downloading websites usually use VPS to start.

  • Dedicated Hosting

    Dedicated Hosting is for those who really mean business! your website is run on a physical server alone. Only and only for you! This is perfect for those who need absolute security and require a lot of speed for your website to run.

    VPS and Dedicated Hosting are almost the same, except the fact that VPS is a dedicated server that has been divided into a few different operating systems for others to use.

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