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Tutor LMS: Is it worth the try?

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Tutor LMS: Is it worth the try?

E-learning has now become one of the most popular ways of learning amidst the global pandemic. It allows individuals to teach as well as learn all in the courtesy of their own homes, without any outside distractions. In this article, we will be discussing Tutor LMS, a service provided by Themeum which offers teachers the ability to create and sell courses easily on their online platform.

What exactly is Tutor LMS and how do users sign up?

Tutor LMS is a complete, feature-packed and robust WordPress plugin e-learning solution which allows all teachers to create as well as sell courses. Themeum’s website provides a thorough step by step instructions on how to become a member of their e-learning service for any users who wish to sign up. The instructions include four simple steps which assist users to begin using the platform within an hour, the steps are as follows:

  1. Install Tutor LMS Plugin: in order to do so, users must install and initiate the application through WordPress
  2. Add Courses: In this step, users are able to add any possible courses they wish to create through using the course builder provided.
  3. Add lessons to your course: Here, users must add a lesson plan to their courses through using the features provided such as video lessons, quizzes, Course widgets etc.
  4. Award Certificates: Lastly, users must choose what type of achievement they wish to award their students with using the Tutor certificates addon.

All the instructions provided are simple to follow for any teacher, whether they have any past experience with such a platform, or even if it is their first time using it.

Notable features Tutor LMS offers:

Unlike many other e-learning platforms, Tutor LMS offers over 30 notable features for its users to use all of which are extremely helpful and easy to apply. Some features that stand out are:

  1. The Intuitive course builder: which creates courses with details such as videos, excerpts, summaries, video banners, data attachments etc.
  2. Frontend Student Dashboard: Every student that is enrolled in a teacher’s course will have a personalized frontend dashboard that allows them to see any updates posted, their course progress, announcements, along with any material the teacher of the course posts.
  3. A quiz creator: This feature allows teachers to create personalized quizzes with WordPress. These quizzes can have set assigned dates for students to complete, time restrictions along with automatic grades posted which can assist teachers when marking.
  4. Multimedia attachments: This allows teachers to engage their students with course material through attaching multimedia lessons from places such as YouTube, Vimeo etc.
  5. Earning and commission allocation: This here keeps track of all earnings and commission that the teacher produces while using the platform. This feature can be extremely helpful for it assists the teacher in knowing how much they have earned over a particular period of time.

These features listed above are all ones that are unique to Tutor LMS and help the service stand out compared to other similar e-learning platforms.

Is Tutor LMS a reliable service to use?

Through further research, Tutor LMS without a doubt is a safe, reliable service to use. In terms of its privacy and security, the platform has the most secure learning management system for users, when creating their online courses. They ensure that third parties are not able to view video URL’s when you use their WordPress LMS plugin, as well as guarantee that only enrolled students can have access to any course videos that teachers post. Along with this, on their website, they provide over 300 ratings from individuals who have used the service and ensure to constantly keep ratings as well as their website updated every couple day’s in order for their users to feel safe and secure while using the platform.

The final message

Overall, Tutor LMS provided by Themeum is a great service which provides teachers with an opportunity to share their knowledge, sell it, along with allowing students to gain knowledge through enrolling in various courses which makes it definitely worth the try. Their e-learning platform has a wide range of unique features as well as a great protected security policy which many other platforms struggle to acquire long-term.





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