Time Management in Business, why time management is important.

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Time management in business, why time management is important.

It has long been said that “time is gold”. This proverb shows that the concept of time has long been a concern of people. Honestly, we agree with this statement.

If your money is wasted, it will be recovered. If a business is destroyed, it can be rebuilt; But time cannot be turned back.

One of the biggest challenges we face in life and business is time management. We always run out of time, and despite all our efforts, we still have work to do. Especially when we want to lift several plates with one hand.

Time is like an invisible force controlling all our lives. In the continuation of the article, we will tell you how you can take control of time and this time, you will manage it.

But let’s see what time management is all about

Before we move on to the definition of time management, let’s look at the roots to find out where the problem of lack of time comes from and why we are always in a hurry and feel that we have run out of time. We came to the following conclusions after our investigations:

  • We are never satisfied with ourselves, so we think we should work more.
  • We do not know how to divide tasks, we must do everything ourselves.
  • On the other hand, we can not say ” no”; It is as if we are dealing with ourselves and others.
  • Sometimes we have enough time, but we all say: “I’ll do it tomorrow”.
  • We have not yet learned how to prioritize our work.
  • We are also incapable of solving the problem. Instead of trying to recover, we wallow in our sadness and thus, experience more failure.

So what is the solution? Time management.

What does time management mean?

“Time management means dividing our time and allocating a certain amount of time to each task.”

When you can not manage time well and are constantly behind schedule, you get both frustrated and stressed. Your work breaks down and you do not finish anything on time. Even those around you are getting angry that you are never available.

But you should know that without planning, you will not succeed in any of these, because by organizing things, you can go faster. It doesn’t matter if you own a business or a member. However, you should proceed according to plan.

Well, the good news is that time management is a skill that can be achieved through practice and effort. As you learn this skill, you need to set smart goals, not forget about prioritization, not give up on time management and planning, and most importantly, trust your teammates and share tasks.

We will talk more about the importance of time management in business later in the article. We will learn time management techniques and have some great suggestions for you.

Why is time management important in business?

The reason for all this emphasis on time management is to be able to make the most of your working hours so that your business grows and you do not have to Google “ways to balance work and personal life”. In this section, we will look at 6 important reasons for time management in business.

You have better performance

With daily planning, you can spend more time on your important tasks, get a better view of each task, and realize how long each task takes.

You deliver your work on time

The word deadline comes to mind, reminding us of those last days of project delivery when we had to work around the clock to get the job done on time, but proper time management allows us to prioritize and schedule each task at its own time.

For example, if you have until the end of the month to deliver a project, time management will help you finish your work even earlier.

You have less stress

Anxiety and worry are an integral part of any business, especially if we have a long list of unfinished projects in front of us. Time management in business helps you to plan better and feel comfortable about your work.

Job opportunities are created for you

Time management in working life makes more people in the workplace trust you. You become a person who does his work on time and in the best possible way. What could be better than being famous or being good-natured? Surely time management skills will bring you many job opportunities.

Your self-confidence rises

Don’t you feel proud the moment you finish a task and delete it from your list? As you successfully complete your daily to-do list, your self-confidence and motivation will increase over time.

The quality of your work increases

Applying time management techniques is like driving in which you become a professional after a while and drive for hours without being noticed. For example, suppose you have a quarter of an hour before a 6 pm meeting. So like professionals, instead of starting a time-consuming task, you do a few small things and get to your meeting safely.

The best ways to manage time in business

Well, now that we fully understand how time control can affect our business, let’s look at how we should manage time.

Do not plan in your head, be sure to write

One of the most destructive things you can do is to enter a company without knowing your daily goals. Irregularity hinders your progress and will only waste your time. Write a checklist based on your priorities and specify what you want to do at each hour.

We suggest that you have a consistent structure for your work. For example, it might be best to spend Saturdays on promotional calls, deal with finances on Sundays, check your emails in the morning, and write your marketing strategy in the evenings. Determining this structure will save you from confusion and make your work easier.

What distracts you?

Concentrate so that you are not distracted! It is quite clear that these distractions are a waste of our time. One of the most common causes of distraction is mobile phones, social networks and professional colleagues.

Research from the Telegraph shows that employees at each company waste about 759 hours a year. The first step is to identify these factors and prevent them anyway.

Focus on one task

Why do you think people who can do several things at the same time are more scary people? Contrary to many people’s beliefs, focusing on one task is much more rewarding. When you start several projects at the same time, they are usually left halfway through.

A little rest is not bad either

In the famous story of Archimedes, we read that the king asked him to find a way to distinguish the original gold from the non-original. After days of hard work, he did not succeed and at the insistence of his wife, he decided to rest for a while and go to the treasury (bath). Just as he entered, the treasury rose and Archimedes found his answer.

Sometimes it takes a little rest and it actually boosts your performance. Remember that your mind needs rest just like your body.

What is tomato law?

Isn’t that a strange law? The person who discovered this rule took its name from the tomato-shaped timer in his kitchen.

In this rule, we have to set the timer to 25 minutes and allocate every 25 minutes to a task. Then rest for 5 minutes and start the next work. By using this rule, we learn that when we start a task, we will focus only on that task and will not engage our minds in the next task. Be sure to use this rule several times a week and see the results for yourself.

Without balance, work does not go on

All managers who can not manage their time have one thing in common. They do not know how to balance anything. For example, most of them are just looking to create a network on the Internet, or they just zoom in on their employees. If both are equally important and you should not focus on just one of them.

Do not run away from technology

The power of technology should not be underestimated. You may have heard that Steve Jobs started Apple in the parking lot of a house; But since then, with its limited resources, it has made its social media marketing very powerful.

Basically, different technologies and software come together to make the job easier for us. There are many applications, software, programs and services online that you can take on difficult and time-consuming tasks. For example, you can run your business financially using accounting software and spend your extra time on digital marketing, strategy writing, product development, or even travelling and having fun.

In this article, we will review each time management software to understand why people fail so much more speed than us.

Familiarity with time management software

Now that there is no reason not to use technology, we want to move on to time management software. If you are not already using this software, you are 5 years behind.

Dropbox (Dropbox) – transport and store large files     

There are many software’s that you can use to transfer large files from your computer to other systems; But Dropbox is both free and convenient. With this program, you save a lot of time and have access to your files wherever you are.

Trvl( Trello ) – all projects is in front of your eyes

Trello is a very popular tool for monitoring projects. In Trello, you can create a card for each project and monitor it step by step. In this way, the team members are informed about the work process and more coordination is formed between them.

Over HP ( EverNote ) – no idea of the mind Nmyprd

Evernote is a free software that helps you save your ideas in the form of text, photos and audio files. You can also record your meetings, lectures and interviews with it; Create a checklist and add an audio or text file to it and share it with your teammates.

Google Drive ( Google Drive ) – Several people on a worksheet

Google Drive is not very useful for moving large files, but instead, it is the best tool for creating documents and sheets online. These files are stored on the cloud. That means you no longer have to worry about your software crashing and throwing away everything you wrote. You can also work on a sheet or document with your teammates at the same time and have more interaction.

Google Calendar – You will not forget it even if you want to

Google Calendar is a very useful tool for daily planning. This tool has various features that you just need to have a Google account to use them. For example, if you want to make an appointment with someone, all you have to do is create the event for yourself and him/her on Google Calendar to be recorded in both of you ‘s calendars.

With these time management software you can use the power of technology to your advantage and this time you will be ahead of your competitors.

Introducing the best time management books

Honestly, we always think that a good book can do the job of 100 ethics teachers and motivational speakers better than themselves. So we introduced the following books so that you can solve the time management problem with their help. So if you are looking for a book that shows you a clearer path in time management, do not miss our suggestions.

Seven Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen Covey (Stephen Covey)

In this book, the author focuses more on finding goals and schedule. He gives you an overview of how you can be more efficient and effective.

To accomplish things – David Allen (David Allen)

Unlike the previous book, David Allen goes into detail in this book and introduces us to practical and effective solutions that help us in our daily planning. “Your mind is for brainstorming, not the black hole of ideas,” he says. There are also three different approaches to time management that improve our performance.

Aslgrayy – Greg McKeon (Greg McKeown)

“Instead of doing more,” McCain says somewhere in the book; “Finish important tasks sooner.” Well, that means prioritization, or “originalism,” which is the title of the book. This book teaches us the art of saying no very well; Because sometimes we even have to say no to some projects!

The Power of Habit – Charles Duhigg (Charles Duhigg)

Did you know that habits are divided into three parts?

  1. Primary spark
  2. Repeat the habit
  3. Habit Feedback

The author explains that to break the habit, you only need to focus on repeating the habit and not do the rest. Now, God willing, you are going to change from Saturday :), be aware that this book can help you very well.

You are no longer the same person

In this article, we found out exactly what time management means and why it is so important. We introduced a whole range of books and software that make life easier for us. Unfortunately, the “Bernard Clock” does not work in the real world, so we must make the best use of our time so that we never say, “I wish I could turn back time.”

That’s all we talked about; Now it is your turn. When you read this article on time management in business, did you come up with another way? Be sure to write to us.

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