The Value of EV SSL Certificates

The Value of EV SSL Certificates

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Success Online is All About Trust

A series of industry changes over the past few years have made encryption a must for all webpages—not just eCommerce or form pages—to avoid “Not Secure” warnings. All SSL certificates encrypt information sent from a browser to a server, so even blogs and personal sites can satisfy this requirement.

But, encryption is only part of the online confidence equation. No matter what type of site you have, it’s essential visitors know they can trust you. Phishing attacks are at an all-time high, with 1.4 million new phishing sites created each month, so visitors have good reason to be suspicious of anywebsite—including yours.

Separate Yourself from the Phish

Basic encryption isn’t enough to establish who’s really at the other end of theconnection—and it’s not enough to protect you from phishing attacks. Within a 30-day window, PhishLabs reports that 99.5% of HTTPS phishing sites had DV certificates which offer basic encryption. Unless you want visitors to see you as having the same level of security as phishing sites, you need to clearly show them you’re for real and their information is safe with you. Extended Validation (EV) is the most effective way to do that.

The Benefits of Going Green

Extended Validation (EV) certificates solve the need for both encryption and trust. Just like DV and OV SSL certificates, they activate the HTTPS and padlock icon in all browsers to assure visitors communications are encrypted. But they also require more comprehensive validation and provide more in-depth certificate details that demonstrate real, recognizable trust. That’s why EV is used by the most visited sites in the world, including Twitter, Apple, PayPal, and many others.

EV—It’s Not Just for eCommerce Anymore

EV certificates are the only SSL solution that provides a true ROI. That’s why they shouldn’t be considered an expense, but rather an investment in your reputation and your business. Trustus, your customers will notice. In a Tec-ED survey, 100% of participants noticed the Green Address Bar, with 97% being comfortable enough to enter their credit card information. In fact, 77% said they’d be hesitant to shop on a website without an EV SSL certificate.

Here are five ways EV pays you back:

  • More Customer Confidence—EV’s clickable certificate details show you’re trustworthy and willing to take the necessary steps to prove it. Your customers deserve absoluteassurance you are who you say you are.
  • Objective Authenticity—Ontoday’s highly suspect web—it’s no longer who you think you are, it’s who aglobally trusted third-party Certificate Authority (CA) says you are. CAs only issue EV SSL certificates after they’ve validated your legal, physical and operational existence—includingmanual steps to ensure legitimacy.
  • Clear Competitive Edge—With shopping cart abandonment rates soaring as high as 75%, you need to give visitors every reason to click your “Buy Now” versus your competitors. By taking the few extra steps to get EV SSL, you’re telling customers you care abouttheir privacy and safety. That creates a level of trust and competitiveadvantage money can’t buy.
  • Increased ConversionsEV SSL certificates are statistically proven to increase sales. According to one study, the British shoe store, Fitness Footwear, saw an impressive 16.9% increase in conversions after moving to an EV SSL certificate. Likewise, reported that, after implementing EV, 33% more purchases were completed with 27% higher sales per transaction.
  • Phishing Protection—EV’s identity review is restricted to entities which have been registered with a government agency or to an actual government agency. If the entity hasn’t been registered, they can’t apply for an EV certificate. Most hackers won’t pass the test.

So, while SSL is about encryption and authentication, ultimately, it’s more about gaining the trust of online visitors so they’re comfortable doing business with you.EV gives your customers confidence that translates into revenue.

Start gaining instant trust with visitors now.

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