The SEO ladder

What is a SEO Ladder and How to Use it towards Your Website?

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A step-by-step guide to climb a ladder of SEO

It is easy to provide an understandable definition of SEO, but when it comes to its implementation techniques and their importance, the concepts are a bit complicated and sometimes misleading. In this paper, we try to convey these concepts with a simple and tangible example.

The SEO ladder is the concept we are looking for in this article, in fact, we intend to simulate the techniques and their implementation steps with the instructions for using the ladder. Maybe this example is a bit distant from the beginning, but we suggest you follow this article to the end.

1. Specify the wall from which you are going to climb up

We only use the ladder to reach a higher point that is usually out of reach. In SEO, the situation is the same, so we have to set our goal before any activity. In fact, SEO strategy development will be the first and most important step in starting our activities.

To develop a strategy, we need to analyze and investigate our field of work. First of all, we need to identify the target keywords that are associated with our business and estimate their monthly searches using various tools such as the Keyword Planner.

Target keywords are the same as your wall. The height of this wall plays a very important role in the selection of your ladders, but keep in mind that with every tall ladder, comes the likelihood of a fall or imbalance.

Many companies, when choosing keywords, are looking for the most demanding and most compelling phrases, and they choose the tall walls for their business, this simple mistake in targeting will make them discourage or never succeed.

2. Select the ladder to fit the height of the wall

In the next step, the amount of competition and the degree of difficulty of each word will be determined and, according to it, we will determine the type of target pages on the website.

For example, if we are planning for the word “laptop purchase”, we can not expect to get a good position by publishing an article titled “laptop purchase”. For a phrase with this level of competition, our website’s home page or category page, which contains a large number of products, needs to be our actual goal instead.

Based on the wall height and the type of activity we are going to do, we will select the appropriate ladder. In other words, considering the amount of complexity and competition in target words, we determine our strategy.

3. Our wall is too high up

When your area of ​​activity is high, the use of a ladder (SEO) is not enough to achieve it. In this situation, you will need promotions, branding, investment, and more. If you do not have the budget and time to climb this wall, we suggest choosing shorter targets.

4. The ladder is not proportional to the wall

The ladder you choose should fit exactly with the height of the wall, if the ladder is shorter than the wall, you will not reach your goal and if your ladder is too tall, you will have a tough time reaching the top of the wall.

Keep in mind that the team is spending time and money, and the type of content should be tailored to your goal.

5. Strengthen the ladder base as much as possible

If the wall you choose is too high, you will lose your balance as you get higher on the ladder. To make sure that you reach the top end of the path, you need to place your footstools firmly and appropriately.

In other words, your website design will have a better chance of gaining rank and reaching Google’s first rank, no matter how much better others are with SEO and user experience.

The correct display on mobile, page load speeds, the proper use of tags, and the implementation of standard design coding in design can be considered as important as the SEO of the website.

This set of factors, known as SEO, plays an important role in the effectiveness of your strategy and Google’s understanding of generated content.

Many companies do not pay attention to this at the beginning of the road, and when they get to the top of their ladder, they notice that they are imbalanced. At this point, redesigning the website or changing its structure can cause you to fall or cost a lot of money for your business.

6. Take the ladder slowly and steadily

No matter how high the wall is and how hard the base of your ladder is, rapid rise can cause you to fall. In this process, you must move slowly and steadily.

Success in SEO requires a lot of patience and perseverance. Emergency climbs and sudden changes may seem appealing and appealing at first glance, but will greatly increase your likelihood of falling.

On the way to SEO, we often come up with suggestions and techniques that promise a quick boost, but if you look at them more closely, you’ll notice that black hat techniques are usually techniques or ways to trick a search engine.

The more slowly your growth is, the more sustainability and durability you will have as the results.

7. If the height of the ladder is high, be sure to ask for help

No incident! If your goal is very high, that is at a high elevation, no matter how slow you move and the base of the ladder is tight, there is a chance of a slip and collapse. In such circumstances, it is advisable to use the auxiliary forces on steps.

The proper strategy and the production of valuable content on a standard site is an efficient and complete formula for most websites, but in larger contests and difficult words, we need other ways to strengthen the site’s credibility.

External linking includes social networking, Ad reposing purchases, or even buying backlinks can be boosters to continue your growth path.

Initially, these activities will not be required for external linking, but no matter how hard your competition is and the distance to the goal, the value and impact will be greater.

8. Do not let anyone use your ladder

SEO and competition are two interconnected concepts, making a better place in search results means that websites or other pages have lost their place. This also makes it possible for some websites to use techniques to get you down from your ladder in the SEO.

The techniques used to compete with the objective of losing the website are called negative SEO. There is no way to deal with negative SEO, except valid and strong SEO works. On the ascent of the ladder, you should always be careful of those who intend to drop you down.

SEO is not cheap, it’s reasonable! If you think that success in SEO is easy and at a low cost you can make it, you have mistaken! The most important reason that has led SEO to become one of the most important channels of Internet marketing in the past years is the value obtained versus cost and time.

Be patient with success and try not to stop until you reach your goal.

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