Text optimization for Google Adwords

Text optimization for Google Adwords

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Google Adwords is among the best and most cost effective internet advertising methods. But the use of texts that are not optimized can affect the performance of your ads and lead to a waste of money.

When a user searches for a keyword related to the topic of your website (and of course your ads on Google), at first glance, a general overview of your ads needs to take the user’s interest. Whether or not this user clicks on your ad, depends on the content of the ad.

By optimizing text for Google’s Adwords, you can get more clicks and better quality, resulting in more profit for yourself.

Since the text in Google’s Adwords is the only thing that the user will see, it should be optimized as high as possible! Optimizing text for Google’s Adwords will have a few positive things:

  • Increase the number of clicks on your ads
  • Qualitative quality score for Google Adwords, which will eventually reduce your cost.
  • Less cost per click for a customer

One of the most important points to keep in mind when writing a text for your advertisement is that the written text has a lot to do with the following:

  • To your product or service
  • The intent and purpose of the searcher (which can usually be understood from the search terms)
  • Get to your advertising landing page

The most important success factor of a publicity campaign is the advertising that can at first glance attract all users’ attention. You need to introduce your services in these very short lines. Writing explanations and introducing services in a work sheet is not difficult, but writing it in 3 lines, so that all the important aspects are included, will surely be hard work.

Adwords text must have the following conditions:

  • Include a keyword (at least once).
  • Mention your differences and why the user should click on this link.
  • Mention the goal of clicking on the ad and what the user will ultimately achieve.

Google has put advertisers with a lot of tools that can measure the amount of text they are advertising. For example, you can use Ad Extensions to display more links in an ad to the user. You can also display more information in your ad, for example:

  • Company location and contact information, such as company address or phone number.
  • Photos of your services or products, such as photos of the merchandise you intend to sell.
  • The email entry field for requesting and collecting emails from the searcher from the Google page without entering your website.

Importance of text optimization for Google Adwords

Large companies that constantly spend a lot on advertising on Google are always seeking to optimize their advertising. After each time they run their promotional campaigns, they analyze and check the amount of clicks and rates of advertising, and try to optimize their campaign for the next.

The extent that advertising is optimized, it will lower the amount that an advertiser must pay to receive a click, and naturally the profitability of the advertising will be far more than that of text that is not optimized.

So by optimizing your ads, you can lower advertising costs, increase your CTR, and ultimately increase your quality score. We remind you to rely on any quality score, as much as you pay for each click.

Ads on Google as mentioned above are the most effective advertising methods. But if not done properly, it may waste your money and expenses.

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