Square Payment, the new PayPal!

Square Payment, the new PayPal!

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Square Payment is a new payment processing company, basically like PayPal, but bigger! In this article we will introduce you to Square.

Mostly, Square allows merchants to accept mobile credit card payments via a small device that can be inserted into the port of a phone. However, lately you can use Square to allow online transactions, or simply buy their better products and start accepting tap as well. Square can also be used to pay your employees (Payroll).

Currently major eCommerce scripts and plugins, website builders out there are also starting to support Square.

Why Square?

Well, using PayPal you can only take money via online transactions from your clients. However, by using Square payment you can do much more for the same price.

PayPal charges 2.9% + 30¢ / Online transaction, and that is exactly how much Square is charging per online transaction. So at this point if you change from PayPal to Square you are not losing or gaining anything.

What makes Square awesome is their small card reader that you simply attach to your phone and you can ask your clients to simply swipe their cards. 

Not only is this card reader free at signup, its charge rates are actually lower! Square charger 2.75% / Swipe transaction. So it is even lower than Online transactions. 

Square Readers for you!

If you are even interested in letting your customers pay via tap or Apple Pay and such (NFC Devices), you can buy Square’s contactless and chip reader. This is a small, wireless, portable device that you can use to make your customers pay.

Finally, Square also came up with another solution for those who actually need stands, that need to pick a specific product and pay from there, for those who want to look like a pro! It is called POS Stand, a perfect device for those with stores.

If you don’t want to pay for these fancy readers, just stick with the free version which needs to get connected to a device first and you may only take payments via swipe.

Square is for you.

If you are someone that is already using PayPal or just want to expand it’s company, we would totally recommend Square to you.

Square is a payment processing company like PayPal, but bigger and better. You can do so much more with Square than any other company out there. Square is absolutely free to signup for and it’s prices are cheaper or same as PayPal.

Give Square a try. Click here to register.

Even Kiuloper is moving towards Square in the close future!

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