Speeding up your WordPress website

Speeding up your WordPress website

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Today we want to talk about speeding up your WordPress website.
WordPress speed is one of the most important and most effective parameters of a website and improves user experience, so in this article we will try to introduce a number of things that will slow down your website, however lets not forget about the ways to speed up the WordPress site.
High speed of loading or rising websites is one of the most important and effective ways to improve user experience, SEO, website ranking, and much more…
By default, the total website speed should be under 7 seconds, and if your site’s download speed is higher than that, you should check very quickly and see what factors, files, or plugins on your site have caused this bad speed.

There are many factors that can reduce website speed and slowness, these are the most important factors in reducing your WordPress website speed:

  1. Slow server
  2. There are instances of corrupted or non-standard codes
  3. Images are not optimized
  4. High number of requests from the server
  5. CSS and JS files are not optimized
  6. And more…

Here’s a brief description of the most important factors in WordPress’s slowdown, so you can better optimize WordPress by following these small tips.


One of the most important and influential factors in speeding up a WordPress website is the amount of power and resources the server has on it.
Since the server features will determine the capabilities of your site; when a website is slowed down, the server is one of the things that should definitely be investigated, and if the problem is from the server, the site must be transferred to another hosting.
The issues that a server can have on speeding up the WordPress are a lot, but here are four of the most important ones.


The first thing to note is server stability that is characterized by the percentage of uptime.
Uptime is a numeric value between 1% and 100%, indicating the length of time your server can continue to operate without interruption.
An uptime equal to 100% is almost impossible, but the closer it is to 100, it indicates the high quality and proper server.
In most hosting companies, uptime is 99%.
This number indicates that your site is available at 99% of the time.
To better understand, if you want to take a one-year time span, only 72 hours per year may cause your site to be short-term, so in choosing the right server, you should pay attention to the percentage of uptime.

Server with proper bandwidth

Monthly bandwidth, also called monthly traffic, is another important issue in server selection.
The higher the bandwidth of your website, the faster your website will be and the sustainability of your traffic will remain high.
When choosing a server, pay attention to bandwidth and try to select the appropriate bandwidth according to your needs and number of visits, so that your server maintains its stability and speed and can respond to the traffic volume of your website.
WordPress Hosting can be a good choice for WordPress websites.

Server location

The target server location has a great impact on the speed of the website and it is very important to pay attention to it.
If the high traffic volume of your site is made up of Canadian users, the best choice is to use the servers inside Canada, since the user’s geographical distance from the server is very effective at speeding up the website.
With a simple example, we’ll tell you this.

Use the CDN services

Defining the CDN Service or Content Delivery Network on Wikipedia is as follows:
The Content Delivery Network, also called the CDN, is a large network of servers that are deployed in geographically distributed locations around the world.
Using the CDN, the content is provided to the user according to the user’s geographic location from the nearest server.
With this service you can increase your website speed to the best.
For example, using the CDN service, if a user in the United States wants to visit your website, will receive your website information from a server located in the US, and your website will then load for this user more quickly, even if your actual server is on Canada.

WordPress template

Another important factor in speeding up the WordPress site is the template, the choice of WordPress template must be done carefully; websites that need to design and customize the template have to make sure that the template is fully standardized, because if it is not standardized, The coding of the template will be greatly reduce the speed, and this will not be pleasant at all.
In the following, I will explain a number of issues and problems with the formatting code.

Styling inside lines

CSS codes are used to determine the style of web pages.
One of the many types of styling that can be very influential on website speed is styling inside HTML or inline css.
The most basic and standard method for styling web pages is to use an external CSS file, called the external css.

Wrong Commenting

Comments are codes that are not displayed on the website and are not specific to use.
Those who write the codes use comments to remind, mark, and describe the code between the codes so that later you do not need to change the entire code just for a word, you can easily find the section with respect to the comments.
However this will effect the website speed greatly, since your computer will still need to read all these comments that hold no meaning.

Use heavy scripts and non-standard JavaScript code

JavaScript code is used to rebuild web pages and helps them design more vibrant web pages, but the point that should be addressed in JavaScript scripting is that it uses non-standard scripts, as these scripts and codes can have a huge impact on the number of requests from the server and slow down the website.

Designing sections as ajax

Ajax is a collection of standards and web technologies that can help you create web-based applications that can easily interact with users.
Using this technology, web pages will interact with users more. Another important advantage of increasing the speed of WordPress website is that no longer need to reload web pages for any operation or viewing of any part.


Another factor that could have a huge impact on the speed of the website is to slow down the unimaginability of the images.
Using images makes the website beautiful and eye-catching and gives users a better feel, but you should be careful that the large amount of images and their lack of optimization can greatly reduce the speed of the site and the need for time.

A large number of requests from the server

The number of requests from the server can have a direct impact on the speed of the website.
These requests can be from scripts, plugins and other factors on the website that should be investigated; the fewer requests are from the server, the faster your website will load up.

Website Speed ​​Analysis Tools

These websites provide you with a complete and valuable report that you can see all the factors and areas that slow down your website and take action to fix them.


In this article we talked about the most important factors in increasing the speed of WordPress site and provided some explanations for each of them; we hope that these points and tips will help to increase the speed of your WordPress website and you can significantly speed up your website.

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