Space Management in cPanel

Space Management in cPanel

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It may also have come to your attention that your occupied space is more than your actual consumption and volume of information! There are usually a number of reasons for that! We are going to see what they are in this article. After reading this article, you will be able to easily manage your cPanel and, if necessary or willing, clean up the extra occupied space. As you know, the volume of space consumed is visible in the cPanels as in the image below in the side menu (sidebar).

To view the amount of space used, please click on the Disk Usage link.

Host space management in the cPanel

After clicking on the Disk Usage link in the cPanel, you will be redirected to its dedicated page where you can fully view the amount of space occupied. It can usually be detected by a simple overview if there is an abnormal occupational file or volume. In this article, the reasons for occupying the volume and the solution and their correct resolution are presented.

Note that deleting system files from hosts will cause technical problems, and the website may be unavailable or problems with its operation may occur. We recommend that you read this carefully and take full back up of your hosting before you continue on.

Reasons for the filled up spaces

As stated above, usually several major reasons cause considerable occupancy of space. These include:

  • Rising on the log file size (Reporting errors and other reports)
  • Host space occupied by mailbox (email)
  • Not completely removing the additional files in the cPanel
  • There are temporary files in the host, especially the tmp path
  • There are useless backups left on the host

Rising on the log file size

In each path, especially the public_html path, there is an error_log file that contains error messages. If there is a problem or error in the performance of the website or hosting, the size of the file may be significantly increased and occupy the volume of hosts. To solve this problem, it’s best to read the error reported in the error_log file and fix it. At the end, you can also reset the error_log file by deleting the errors from inside of it. It is also possible to turn off error reporting in the cPanel. To do this, just follow these steps:

  • Click on the Select PHP Version option in the SOFTWARE section
  • Select the desired PHP version from the current PHP version drop-down menu
  • Click on the Set as the current option and click the Switch To PHP Options link
  • Select Off in front of Dispaly_Error and click Save

Increase occupancy rate by E-Mail Box

The number and volume of your received email may be high or under spam email attacks. In any case, you must find the cause of the matter and try to solve it. If your volume and number of emails are high without spam, you should upgrade your host. Otherwise, it’s best to get rid of spam filtering tools by applying the necessary settings in the Spam Filter tool.

Not completely removing the additional files in the cPanel

From 2016, trash was added to cPanel. In previous versions, this feature was not available and the deleted file was completely erased. It can be seen that many users at the time of deletion, transfer files to the trash and do not erase them. To avoid this, if you are unsure of deleting your file or files, you should click the “Skip the trash” icon and permanently delete the files as shown below.

There are temporary files in the host

When the file upload fails, or when the function that requires temporary files to do so, files on the host, especially the tmp path, should be removed from the hosts with the nobility of being superfluous.

Useless backups left on host

Some websites have auto backup option on. Please know that when this option is on, the backups are stored on the host itself, and this takes up space. Your host usually contains the last five backup files, in which, especially the old ones, are useless.

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