Select the appropriate tag for SEO

Select the appropriate tag for SEO

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Selecting a tag (or label) for a blog post may be a daunting task. In this article, we will explain the importance of using the tag and how we select them. When a website grows, one of the hardest tasks is to maintain its structure. This structure should be organized in such a way that users can easily search for it.

Tags and categories of topics can help you create such a structured website. Using tags and categories, users can find their favorite content more easily.

When you can not correctly use the tags on your website, website navigation will certainly be difficult for visitors. Of course, we should add that this is not just bad for users, but the inappropriate use of tags can also harm your site. Well, in this article, we will first tell you what use of the tag is, and let’s explain how to choose an appropriate tag.

What will happen with the tag selection?

When you add a tag to your post, that post is added to the tag. For example, in our new blog, we use tagging as linking. When we add this tag to a post, the post is added to the tag archive.

When you use a new tag on your website, content management systems (such as WordPress) automatically create an archive for that tag. Now if you add 10 to 20 tags for each post, each of which is unique, on your website you will have an archive of different pages. However, be careful that we know many websites that use thousands of tags for their posts, and most of them are penalized by Google’s Panda algorithm.

Conclusion: Do not use multiple tags for your posts. Also, you should not use tags that do not relate to the subject matter of the article. Well, you may ask yourself how to choose the appropriate tag for each post?

Select the appropriate tag

When you plan to write your blog content, you may have a lot of things to keep in mind. Those topics you pick are exactly what your tags and categories should be. The questions you should ask yourself at this stage for picking the right tags are:

  • Is this post related to other posts?
  • What tag can best explain the relationship between the two posts?
  • Is the keyword chosen the best keyword for this topic?

Note that you can not create a tag yourself. The tags should be phrases and words that are in the text or expressions that people are looking for in search engines. Try to optimize your tags so that they can rank well in search engines.

The Yoast plugin helps you do it easily. This plugin analyzes content about the tag content and tells you how to improve these things:

Additionally, you can add Twitter and Facebook images and related annotations to improve the experience of sharing tag pages. In the Yoast Premium plugin you can even see the appearance of your post after sharing:

One thing to keep in mind is that deciding on a tag is very important when researching keywords. After you select the tag you want, you can have a quick look at the contents of your tag archives. This will help you find and link related posts in that archive. In this case, the visitor will be able to easily read related posts from your website.


Think about the tag when you want to post your blog post. Interestingly, if you can choose the right tag, you can find and link to other related posts on your website at the same time.

We hope this article has successfully explained the overall selection of the tag and the correct tagging method. In the future, we will publish more detailed articles on this subject. We will be happy to take advantage of your experience in this field. Also, if you have questions about SEO education or content marketing training, you can share it with us through our feedback.

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