Reasons to use gradient in your design!

Reasons to use gradient in your design!

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Use the gradient of color in the design of the website

From 3 years ago, Material Design of Google and the use of free space have become the most popular web design styles. But in the design of many new websites, we see the use of shadows and gradients that have been used to create eye-catching visual effects, as well as to attract users’ attention. Apparently this gradient technique, which has long been fashioned, has attracted designers’ attention again.

If you are not a fan of the gradient, you should read this article. In the following, there are 8 compelling reasons to use the gradient in the design of the website.

1. Eye-catching backgrounds

Using the gradient in a background of a design brings the user’s eyes in the picture; the pupil of the user’s eye focuses on one point of the image, and because of the change in the range of colors and shadows, the user’s eyes unconscious from one side of the screen go to the other side of the gradient. Gradient is a great tool for fascicating users and making tedious designs beautiful and enjoyable.

There are several ways to apply the gradient to the design of a website, but one of the most popular ways is to gradient the website’s background and place the image, text, or other elements on it!

The gradient prevents the image, or the text from being tedious and unconsciously uncovers users eyes from the top of the page to the other corner of the place where the gradient ends.

2. Gradient increases the chance of reading the text

In addition to the optimal use of the background, gradients can also be used in texts that are on the background. In this way, if your goal is to focus on text rather than an image, you can simplify the background and display the text with a gradient of color to draw the attention of users to read the text. This method is recommended for corporates and creative website design.

3. It makes the usual photos more appealing

If the gradient is overlayed on an ordinary image, the result will be incredible! Of course, image quality must not be low quality or low resolution.

In this way, the use of bright colors is better than neutral colors. This technique makes the website and its original photos very beautiful, but the main problem is the over-utilization of the designers of this method. So if you want to differentiate from the rest of the websites, it’s better to be a little creativity, so your design does not look repetitive.

4. The gradient indicates the direction of the user’s eye movement

One of the important factors in website design is the user experience and quick access to content. The pattern of users to read the text is similar to the letter F. That means starting from the top left and coming down from the middle of the page.

To move the user’s eyes and get their attention to different parts of the screen, use the bright areas of the gradient as the starting point and direct their eyes to the final stages or target button.

5. Emphasis will be placed on your brand

If your brand colors are in such a way that they can be matched together, combine them with the gradient. This technique is a good way to display the colors of your organization and carve it in the mind of the audience. Use the gradient generated in promotional campaigns, websites, social networks, or print media. When you use the same style everywhere, it shows your stability and recognizes your users with that color.

6. Using gradients in the design of a website is easy

Today, access to the graphic tools can be done easily, and you can easily create gradients with Photoshop. For this, we use the Photoshop Gradient Tool, which is located in the menu on the left of the program.

Your hand is in the choice of a gradient type is open; for example, you can create a directional or circular radial. You can also create beautiful and creative designs by combining these two types of gradients.

Choosing the right color for the gradient is one of the hardest things to do. It’s the easiest way to pick colors from the Photoshop color wheel panel, but you can not always do that, sometimes you have to play so much color to get the desired result.

Free tools for creating Gradient

If you do not want to use Photoshop for any reason, you can use the following websites for free gradient creation:

Gradient Buttons

A tool for building a gradient of color for the website buttons and a beautiful animation for hover mode.


A library of 150 beautiful colorful gradients in CSS and photo formats!

Gradient Wave Generator

A tool for producing a wave gradient in different colors.

7. Color gradient inspired by nature

Fading and shadows created with the help of gradients transmit the sense of naturalness to the viewer, the reason is that nothing in nature is just one color and life is full of shadows and fading. If you want to create natural and realistic effects, the first choice is to use gradients.

8. Use gradient in the design of a website is now a trend

Gradients are the most convenient solution for stuffing up visual elements to images and prevent website users from getting confused. With the various types of gradient techniques mentioned above, you can create amazing images.

Do you think is it a good idea to use gradient in the design of a website? or do you not consider such a technique suitable for website design? Share your comments and questions in the comments section of this article.

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