Non-standard WordPress template problems

Non-standard WordPress template problems

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When you install WordPress for the first time, you may choose one of the free templates inside WordPress and install it on the website without any knowledge about the quality of the template. But unfortunately, you work for months and years with the same template, unaware of what kind of effect it is having on your website. Non-standard templates in WordPress are the same as in any other system. You have to choose the right template from the start, or you will get stuck in a loophole that you will not be getting out of anytime soon. In today’s article we are not guiding you to choose the correct template, but rather, we want to introduce you to the pitfalls and characteristics of non-standard and inappropriate templates.

Non-standard templates in WordPress

If you’re familiar with issues of non-standard templates in WordPress, you must have certainly been well-trained in recognizing them and you can choose the best option right from the start. We are going to show to you 7 serious warnings about non-standard templates in WordPress. Non-standard templates are basically those that coded very poorly, one-time only, and have no support system.

1. You keep on changing your template regularly

When you select an inappropriate and unconventional format for the first time, you will surely have problems and decide to change it. But you can replace it again and again with another bad template, and do not look right at the laziness that you are putting on choosing the right template, and still do not consider the good option. So you’re stuck in a repeating loop and postpone of your success.

Perhaps among these “good choices” that you are making, you sometimes feel that you have chosen the best WordPress template, but it does not take long enough until you get frustrated and change it again.

2. Limitations of installing and choosing the right plugins

Make sure that you can install any extensions that you need when using non-standard templates in WordPress. In fact, there are some restrictions, and some plugins, though important to you, that you cannot install on some templates, due to the way they are coded.
We all know WordPress. WordPress functions with the help of its plugins. We need to provide the necessary platform for it. One of these cases is the right choice for the theme.

3. Menu view is only possible with a Fixed Appearance

Do you know the impact of a menu on the website? When users open your website, the first thing they are usually looking at is a menu. So it is very important to look at the colors you are using and the way the menu is styled and placed. In non-standard formats in WordPress, you usually have a specific layout that you can not make any changes to. That means you are limited to your options and this is not at all interesting.

4. You’ve found bugs but there’s no way to eliminate them

In all systems, professional templates and plugins have bugs, but the good thing here is to fix these errors with upgrades on the templates and plugins. On the other hand there is support for declaring the problem. But when you use a non-standard template in WordPress, there will not be any regular update, nor is there a support system that you can call. As much as you try, you can not solve all the problems.

5. There are very few options for your to choose from

Suppose I would like to put the newsletter in the sidebar of my website, but the template I chose does not have any sidebar and I can not even add it to the template. So what should I do? Nothing! My hand is closed and I can only walk according to the rules I have been given.
A standard template, even if it does not have the appearance of having a sidebar, you can easily add anything you want to it.

6.You can not control the upload speed of the website

One of the worst things about a website with a bad template is that users are loading it slowly. Unfortunately, the problem with non-standard templates in WordPress is the low loading rate that they have.

7. Hacking is possible, due to the weak template

When using a template that is not suitable for you, it will come with poor features and it will not be flexible. This will cause the website to lose its security because you need to find any way possible to get the website to look good that you may have to break some security roles.

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