Micro Moment Marketing

Micro Moment Marketing

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What is marketing right now?

Due to the presence of smartphones and the growing use of them, Instant Moments can take place whenever and wherever. In these moments, customers expect their brand or site to provide the right answer as quickly as possible.

Micro Moments are your points of contact with customers. From connecting these points, the customer relationship pathway is formed and continues to the end of the way that you bought.

The Impact of Smartphone on Digital Marketing

What role does the mobile phone play in your life? How much do you depend on when you are at the desk or at home on the sofa?

A 47-year-old American woman tells us about her affiliation with the mobile phone: I use my phone every day, if I leave my phone at home, I feel scared and lost.

When asked from different people, most of them use terms like “my body”, “life guide” and “maid”. Never use such phrases on other tools like tester or washing machine.

Research shows that:

  • 68 percent of people check their mobile phone at least once for up to 15 minutes after waking.
  • 30 percent of the world’s people are worried about anxiety and worry if they’re not with their mobile devices.
  • 87 percent of the people keep their mobile phones with them throughout their day and night.

This small device, which is always available to us, has created a new culture for us. Mobile phones bring new paths for daily activities and learning. Helps us identify new ideas and workplaces. Managing your daily activities with it, or maintaining your life plan.

Mobile search is also one of these daily habits. In many countries in the world, the number of daily searches on Google, which is performed on mobile, is higher than the number of searches through a laptop or tablet.

When we need something new, the first place to go is on our mobile phone. Most of our activities in the digital world are done through this small tool.

Most people check their mobile phones more than 150 times a day. We also have an average of 177 minutes each day looking at our mobile phone.

The moments that we call Micro Moments

Following this continuous and mobile connection, we carry out various activities. Sending a text message, replying to a work email, posting the last vacation holidays we’ve been going to on social networks and … all of which are why we use mobile phones.

These moments are an important part of our daily lives but will not necessarily lead us to a brand. Even if a brand is trying to enter this part of our life by sending a message or advertisement, we will probably not be in a good position.

According to Google’s definition, micro-moments are the moments that we use our mobile phone to do a job or get information. These moments are a mixture of necessity, purpose, and text. In other words, when we feel necessary, we turn it into a text content to express our purpose.

It’s interesting to know that 82% of people are getting advice from their mobile phones when shopping online. 91% of users use their phone to find new ideas when doing a job.

Attention to thrills is the key to success in digital marketing. The moments that connect your brand to the customer and form their combination of customer decision-making paths.

Be aware that content marketing is part of digital marketing, and what’s going on in Micro Moments is not about content marketing techniques or SEO techniques.

The time for customers to decide from a meeting or meeting has come to an instant. In the mobile world, customer decisions are no longer taking place at the desk and in the meeting room, but in-house dealers have less impact on the choice of a product by the customer. Today, a decision about a product or brand occurs in a series of hundreds of short moments. Planning a trip to buy a screwdriver for your home.

Over the past year, website visits via mobile has increased by more than 20%. The user’s presence time on each visit was 18% less than the previous one.

You might think that increasing the search from mobile and reducing the time of users is because they did not find the right answer on the websites. However, you are wrong. The satisfaction rate for mobile results is 29% higher than last year.

Think a little more. Other users do not spend much time deciding. Take your mobile phone and meet your needs faster than you imagine. Is this happening just by mobile devices?

Go to a chain store and look at people. Although the time of customers’ presence in stores has fallen in proportion to the past, the amount of purchases and the speed of their choice has increased dramatically. Because most of them have already taken the necessary examinations and made their decision.

The same thing happens when you visit a website. The time the users are on a website and the number of pages they see has declined from previous years, but the conversion rate to the customer is higher than in the past.

Small moments are small steps taken by users before they visit your website or to select your product.

How to succeed in marketing the moment?

To succeed in the competitive atmosphere of today, you need to attract the attention of users at critical moments. Especially since customers are more likely to think of a need as soon as possible than being loyal to a brand.

65 percent of internet users pay more attention to the content they get when they do a mobile search, rather than brand names. This simple point has made marketing the moment to become the new battlefield of brands.

There are three important strategies to succeed in marketing the moment:

  • Be present; you have to anticipate your business-related moments and be prepared to respond appropriately to your contacts.
  • Be useful; when the customer searches for a response and comes through searches to your website or brand, you must provide the best and most accurate answer.
  • Be quick, talk about moments, users like to quickly get their answers, and the way to access this answer should be quick and simple.

In conclusion

Companies that have well-understood and run marketing momentum have a greater chance of success in today’s competitive environment. Mobile use has made 70 percent of companies change their marketing strategy and channel.

To start marketing right away, we need to learn how to stay in touch, be useful, and be quick to make effective communication with users at critical moments. The continuity of this relationship and the creation of more points shapes the path of a user-to-customer transition.

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