Here to help build a safe business foundation

We provide solid legal support to help you build your business with a strong foundation, as well as help your company grow without any legal stress. We provide this support in collaboration with our partnered law firms in Canada.


Let’s make sure that you’re not personally liable by incorporating this means that you will not be held personally responsible for the debts of the corporation in the event of a lawsuit or bankruptcy.

Website / app policies

Website and app terms of use are a contract entered into between a website owner and its users. You can look at these as the terms that both sides agree to when using your platform.

Charity registration

We work with small organizations and startups operating in a wide variety of sectors! No matter if your for-profit or a not-for-profit, we will look after your legal needs and will be your support all the way through.

Trademark & IP protection

Would you like to protect your intellectual property? Perhaps you have a product, a business name slogan, logo, or other brand identifiers that you already invested time and money in and would like to fully own the rights to?

Purchase & sale of business

Are you buying or selling a business? We can help you from start to finish. We conduct initial due diligence, close the transaction and use technology to simplify the entire process for both parties.

Contract drafting

We can help you draft most of the contracts you would need to set up your business accordingly. These contracts may include employment contract, franchise agreement, asset purchase, joint venture &…

Shareholder agreements

If your company has more than one shareholder, you may want to consider getting into a shareholders’ agreement to make sure all shareholders are safe, protected, and most importantly, the company shines through!

Commercial disputes

Got into trouble? or stuck in an unfair situation? We are here to help you by your side and get you to win your case. We can support you with contractual, partnership shareholder disputes &…
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