How to prepare your website for Google Ads?

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So far, we have come to know Google Ads introductions and concepts. In this article, we want to review together with the most important tips for how to prepare your website for Google Ads start.

Imagine that you recently rented an empty store and are going to start selling your products. How much do you care about decorating your own shop? How much time do you spend setting up your showcase? If I am in your place, I will do my best to make sure my items are arranged in the best possible way. I do the lighting in a way that enhances the look of the clothes. I try to make shelves accessible so that customers can easily access the clothing they want.

If you are creative and well-liked, you can implement a whole lot of cool ideas. But the main question is, what is the reason for all this? Why invest time and energy to make our shop look attractive?

The same is true of Google Ads. You have to think that as important as capturing the right inputs, it is important that some of these users become your customers. Why? Because Google advertising, like other forms of advertising, is not free, and we need to make sure that our spending is on the right track.

In other words, you’re going to have to showcase your storefront to the best of your ability to make sure you get the least amount of user feedback first. Of course, it’s not just about getting the user’s attention. The quality of your work is also important to Google, and the better looking your website and ad quality, the lower your costs.

Lastly, we should note that our ultimate goal in Google advertising is not to increase input, but to measure the amount of input conversion to a customer we usually measure at conversion rates. Therefore, we need to design our website in such a way that it can gain the trust and confidence of users.

What can we do to have a better website?

So far, we’ve found that the better our website (the more stylish and attractive our storefront and interior design is), the better our chances of selling. So before we start advertising on Google (or even any other way of advertising), we first need to make sure that our website is ready to sell and that users see no obstacles to finalizing their order.

In this section, we aim to review the most important of these, together to make our website comfortable to use.

Introduce the benefits and services of your business

One of the things that have a direct impact on increasing your customer’s conversion rate is that website entrants can trust you and get their opinion on how to use your products or services.

Keep in mind that Google advertising is the best way to get targeted leads, but how many of these leads are going to buy from you depends entirely on your website, the content you provide, and most importantly the reason the user to buy from you.

We’ve seen a lot of customers who have had a lot of input through Google advertising, but their sales haven’t gone up. Many times we have been asking customers why we should buy this product from you? They usually come up with a variety of reasons, like giving us the best price on the market, guaranteeing a refund, free shipping, and so on.

Do you think it is a pity to have so many benefits but none of them are making money? If we don’t tell the customer that we have free shipping, how should we realize this advantage?

So it is best to tell everyone the benefits of your business as much as possible. The superiority of your business, the value you create for the user, and the privileges and services you give them will greatly increase your chances of selling.

Let me give you an objective example to confirm my point. One of our clients gave us their Google ad. The benefits of their service were free shipping, money-back guarantee, etc. But they were stated at the bottom of the website.

We talked to them and suggested that they put these benefits higher and just below product sales so that website users could see these benefits faster and easier. Believe us, this small change boosted the website’s monthly sales by 15%!

Put a call to action on your website

If we want to put the call in action as simple as possible. It means telling your customers what you want them to do on your website. The reason for this is clear, without a call to action, users may become overwhelmed.

We need to tell the website user exactly what to do.

Suppose we have a psychological counselling website. Our goal with Google Advertising is to provide the user with a consultation request form upon logging in so that we can contact them as soon as possible. But when there is no form on the website. The user does not know what to do. They do not know how to apply for a consultation and where to find your consultation form.

This is where the call to action comes to your aid. Simply place your form on the page you are redirecting to and ask the customer to complete the consultation form to contact you and book an appointment.

Now your goal maybe something else. For example, a user makes an online purchase from you. So you need to have a specific purchase button that attracts the user’s opinion.

Of course, the tone of expression can be different, you might say that you can call for advice, or even if your advice is free, the use of the word “free” is highly recommended.

Expose ways of communication

Before addressing this, let us give an example. The goal of one of our dear customers was to get users to come in and see them after seeing the ad. But they did not put their contact number on the website.

We told them that if their goal is to increase users’ contact, they should make sure to introduce their contact number in the best way possible, and having a separate page as a contact or leaving the contact number at the bottom of the site may not be enough. Users will not see these fields.

What if you don’t make your communication transparent? Users will find no appropriate way to contact you and will leave your website. The result is that you pay for the entry, but no calls.

You need to provide users with easy ways to communicate. If you have WhatsApp support, for example, be sure to link to your WhatsApp account. Or if you have online support, you can use online chat software. In any case, you need to choose the best way of communicating according to your purpose.

If you are also looking for a user to contact you, provide your contact number in the most straightforward manner possible. Adding a sentence along with the contact number and “Call Us” can also increase your calls. It’s not even bad to let users know that your consulting service is free, meaning “Call for free consulting.”

Specify how your products and services are targeted

Before you start advertising, it’s best to plan for the products and services you have on the website.

Suppose you have a home appliance store and sell many products such as refrigerators, hoods, ovens and more. Well, in your opinion, which page should a user search for the keyword “Buy Hood Online” from? The best thing for this user is to go directly into your hood product page. Likewise, the user who searches for “buy fridge” will be redirected to your refrigerator products page.

Of course, you have other choices. For example, send all users to the homepage of the website regardless of what they are searching for, which I do not recommend. Because a user looking to buy a hood doesn’t need to see your other products and this may confuse them.

You need to identify your own products or services on the website. Product categories need to be defined and you need to plan how you are going to target your products and services.

We recommend that you make your products and services well-defined on the website, and have as many separate pages as possible for each of your products and redirect users to exactly the same page.

Targeting Your Ad properly according to what we said in the Google Quality Score section as being relevant to the ad, will ultimately get you a higher score from Google and your costs will drop dramatically.

All of the things we mentioned may be time consuming, but in the end you’ll get better results from your ads.

Again, it’s good to note that the quality of your website and your advertising is very important to Google. In fact, Google wants to make sure your website is of high quality and user-friendly. So an important part of the quality of your ad is the user experience from the landing page.

Of course, having the right structure is not just about increasing the quality of your ads. Rather, it will improve the quality of your website and make it easier for the user to find things around, and this will have a direct impact on your website’s sales.

Make sure your website is loading fast

Maybe nothing is as nerve-wracking as a slow website! Of course, there is a very simple way to prevent this, and it is to get out of the website as soon as possible! So if you find that your website is running slow due to technical issues, get started and fix the problem as soon as possible. Because no one likes a slow website!

If your website’s quality and speed is too low or its design is outdated, we suggest changing your website altogether. If you find it difficult and costly to design a new website, you can use website builders.

Web builders are website design systems where you can get your website up and running in a matter of days, and all you need to do is upload the content of your products and services.

Make sure your website is responsive

Most Internet users today are mobile users. So Google places great importance on mobile users. If your website does not perform well on mobile, it is best to think of a solution as soon as possible.

Until this issue is resolved, you can close the ad display on your mobile device. If so, your ad will only be shown to users who use tablets and desktops to search Google.

Use of SSL certificate is also recommended

Using SSL certificate (which you can get from your hosting company) on your website, will change the domain from http to https. Of course, without this certificate, you can still advertise on Google, but Google Ads recommends that advertisers be sure to get the SSL certificate and warn websites that do not have this certificate.

Avoid pop-ups as much as possible

Over 99% of pop-ups have nothing but a distraction! Personally, One may feel uneasy about going into a website and suddenly see a large, sudden, unwanted window in the middle of the page.

Google Ads also recommends that we avoid this marketing trick as much as possible. Because it has a direct impact on user satisfaction with the landing page and can easily distract them from your main goals.

Build your website in terms of content

A non-content website is like a store without a seller, and a website with bad content is like a store that has a brutal salesman.

Try to provide users with valuable and transparent content about your products and services as much as possible. In other words, you need to do good copywriting. Copywriting means writing about services and products for sale.

You also need to customize the look of the website content. Font size, the use of quality images and videos, the type of font, the content structure of the page, and so on should all help attract users.

Make it easy to switch between different pages of the website

Adjust your website structure so that the user can easily navigate and visit different pages of your website as needed. Keep in mind that the smooth movement of the user on the website will also increase your chances of selling other products to them and thus increase the user satisfaction of your website.

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