How to own your own keyword in Google!

How to own your own keyword in Google!

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Just to get started, I would like to let you know that what we are going to be talking about in this article is basically what we do, but more, in our Reputation Management product.

For a potential client of yours, they first find you and info about your brand on Google and not on your website. You as the brand owner have the ability to influence what they will and what they cannot see on Google when they search up your name. However, you need to know what you can actually do!

Is it really that important?

Yes, actually! what your client sees about you even before clicking on your website can affect the way they will see you and may even cause them to reconsider.

It can impact your conversion rate. People can be able to see random reviews of your business that could be poor or are simply in a bad wording that can be confusing or it can create questions in their mind that your content doesn’t answer. 

It can impact customer satisfaction. Customers who are going to buy from you but see something negative in the search results might be more likely to complain about it, even before buying it! If they see that you have a lower review or ranking or whatnot, they may be more likely to contribute a negative one than if they had seen that you had stellar ones. Their expectations are being biased by what’s in these search results. A lot of times it is totally unfair too.

How to save your brand!

I. Change who ranks. Potentially we need to try to add and remove some of the things that show up. We could change the ranking order. We can change that through SEO.

II. Change the content of the ranking pages. If you have poor reviews or if someone has written about you in a particular way and you wish to change that, there are ways to influence that as well.

III. Change the SERP features. If we add some pictures and nice introductions, people would more likely want to learn more about you, especially if they’re exceptionally beautiful.

IV. Add in top stories. Try your best to get into the press. Big companies need to write about you.

V. Shift search demand. If when you type your company on Google, it is giving you search suggestions that are not really that pleasing you can change them by working on your SEO.

So finally!… You do really have the power to change how others can see you and your company, but you need to do something about it now. If you think you need help check our Reputation Management products.

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