How to fix syntax error in WordPress?

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Syntax error is one of the most common mistakes that may be encountered when updating the template, updating the plugin or making custom changes to WordPress. When faced with a syntax error in WordPress, it shows that there is an inconsistency in WordPress’s code-wrapping, which can be from the extensions, the template, or even the WordPress core itself, and because WordPress scripting codes are not in place with the errors, you will encounter a syntax error in WordPress. This error has been programmed and if you do not have the necessary technical knowledge and familiarity with the code, the syntax error in WordPress is a bit complicated and time-consuming to fix and figure out.

In this tutorial, I plan to introduce the parse error in WordPress, and then the solutions that you can use to resolve the syntax error problem in WordPress. So if you’ve already encountered this error and you do not know how to fix it, you should follow till the end of this tutorial.

Learn how to fix syntax error in WordPress!

When you encounter a syntax error in WordPress, a similar image will appear on the pages of the WordPress counter or the entire website.

Before anything else, you should first learn to analyze the syntax error in WordPress and find the source of the problem with the help of the error guide. Similar to the image above, when the error occurs, the following components are visible.

  • Parse Error: This section of the error message shows some of the codes and commands in WordPress, because they did not fit in their place, disrupted the website and caused an error that goes along the path and line of that piece of code.
  • Unexpected: This error is due to the fact that it may not have entered the functions that indicate that you are not ending a command. In various programming languages, for a simple task, such as the print of a text, a start command and an end statement are created, which should be done, just like a loop between the start and end of that code piece that is in the php language using characters ; Or (). Now if there is a mistake typing in between your codes or if you have forgotten that the start and end of the command, this error will be given.
  • File address: You will see a path below that contains the function file template (functions.php), which shows an error in this file and should check this file to correct the programming command.
  • On line: Finally, this section also relates to the command line number from the file given to it and by refitting the file, in this example of the file of the function and going to line 24, you can check the code.

So here you can use the WordPress Syntax Error to find out where the source of the error is and to partially solve the path to the problem. Now, to fix the problem, you need to open a file whose path is specified and check the lines of that file by going to the line number. Usually, in most cases, when this error occurs, you do not have access to the WordPress counter for editing, so you must edit the file via FTP or cPanel.

After you go to the path that is mentioned in the error, open the file and go to the line that is marked with the error. In this example, we have to go to wp-content / themes / twentyseventeen and the file functions.php Open the file. Then go to line 24 of this code and examine the code of this line and see what programming forms are in these lines and with the knowledge that you have try to fix it.

Turn off some of WordPress plugins

Sometimes this problem is caused by installing or updating a plugin and causing a disruption to the website, which requires that the plugin be disabled if this problem is detected, check where and for which reason the incompatibility is resolved. Since you are not able to turn off the plugin through the WordPress counter, you must do the following.

After logging into the File Manager, go to public_html / wp-content / plugins. There are several folders in this path, each of which has one of the plugins. To disable any WordPress plugin, just change the name of the folder. After changing the name of the folder, the plugin will be renamed and deactivated.

Change WordPress Theme

Sometimes this may also be a problem with installing or updating the template, disable the template if the problem was detected to be from the template, and check if and why the incompatibility was resolved. Since you are not able to change the template or disable the template in WordPress, you should do the following.

After logging into the File Manager, go to public_html / wp-content / themes. There are several folders in this path, each of which contain one of the templates. To disable the template you use, just change the name of the template folder. After renaming it, the name of the template will be renamed and disabled. In this case, one of the default WordPress templates will be active on the website.

I recommend that …

If you are a new user in WordPress and have no coding knowledge, the best thing for you is to actually deactivate the option to be able to modify the codes and pages. This can also increase the security of WordPress. To do this, login to your web host and click on the File Manager.

Then go to the public_html path and right-click on the wp-config.php file and select Edit. Add the following code in the section where other definition codes are added to this file.


By putting the code above in the WordPress Configuration File and saving the file, it will be disabled to edit the file through WordPress, which will prevent WordPress from hacking.

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  1. Thanks for the information. I was also facing the same error in my site since last night when I finally found this article. It really helped me to fix the error.
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