Earning money from blogging

Earning money from blogging

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Today, with the expansion of the Internet in the world, we have shown our interest in investing more money in this field and by launching a website or a blog, people try to show their own specialty and professionalism to more and more customers. The rivals themselves have come to the fore, of course, it’s not at all clear that website design is going to be costly for someone that is starting up as a beginner, but you can earn money from blogs with a very little creativity used.

You are not just a blogger!

The desire to set up a business independently and promote among entrepreneurs is the desire of every person in this period of time. You need to however always remember that you are not simply a blogger, but a new entrepreneur! By setting up a blog and designing your own activities and capabilities and attracting those who have interest in your topics, you are building an empire.

Making money from blogging?

As every business needs a lot of time to grow, in order to earn money from blogging, you also have to spend time and you can not by writing one or two articles surely get the income you want, by spending enough time. You will be able to discover your strengths and weaknesses. You need to take small steps into creating a blog, generating content, optimizing content, increase the number of visitors, and finally keep them permanently. In this article, we are going to explain these steps in detail.

Making a blog

People can easily start their own blogs by subscribing to website servers such as Blogger or Tumblr, but if you want to be more professional and make something unique that fits your own style, you should use WordPress on a hosting company like us. Now, this can be done for free or at a cost. It all depends on how much you are willing to invest in this.

Create the right content

At this point, the most important part of your work, namely the production of appropriate content, is of great importance. Choosing the right theme that you can represent your blog, is important because it needs to be unique and interesting enough that people will enjoy reading in it.
Choosing the right keywords to produce your content will differentiate your opponents. Use keywords that can get you a large amount of audience. At the same time, consider your interests and expertise, because as you know, interest is at the heart of every move, and ultimately your main goal.

Optimize your content

Reading about SEO tips, following them, and working on it patiently will get you on the first page of Google and other search engines. This is the cheapest way to promote yourself. Proper SEO, will increase your ranking, making your blog a competitor, and will bring you a big amount of audience. the other hand, the presence of useful content brings in users that are interested and are willing to spend more time on your blog actually reading, which results in Google ranking going higher and higher. Finally, repetition in the number of blogs you put out is important. You need to be constant. If you think you can create five posts today and none for the rest of the week, then divide the posts in once per day, and stay constistant.

Look for more audiences

The design of a blog and its contents, though important, can not help you alone. In the next step, your blog should be presented to audiences who are interested in your blog topics and do not find them elsewhere. In order to do this, you must first identify the potential features of your audience and see where you can find the most of them. Identify these spaces, and start advertising your blogs in these places so you can get a lot of audiences.

Have a positive interaction with your audience

At this point, audiences may be intrigued by your blog and submit their suggestions and criticisms to you. Make sure to communicate with them positively and respond to their comments. This way they would return to your blog. 

Time to earn money from your blog

Methods of making money from your blog:
There are many ways to earn money from the blog. This variety can be great for bloggers because they can choose one or more of their interests and their abilities, with none of them clashing at each other.

Click Advertising (PPC)

Advertising can be the best way to make money for bloggers who are at the top of the chart. If your blog is able to attract a large number of users daily, many well-known companies and brands, for advertising their products on your blog, will contact you to put their ads on your blogs. However they will only pay per click of user on the ad.

Demo (CPM)

These ads are like click-through ads, with the difference that you get paid for just showing the ad, and not for the number of clicks on the ad.

Affiliate Marketing

This method is the most profitable way to make money from a blog. That is, you encourage your audience to buy goods or services from another website, and if your audience makes a purchase, you will receive a percentage of that sale.

Recurring Income

In this way, the content of the blog, specialized content in a major topic can be put up for sale. Users must pay for the right to subscribe to the weekly, monthly or annual subscriptions, which, of course, is a very unique way to offer none-advertise, quality material to your users.

Advertising Content or Advertisement Reports

In this way, you are publishing the appropriate content to introduce other website products on your blog and by promoting a referral to the reference website, you are encouraging the audience to buy those products, the extent of success in this way is dependent on the number of visitors that read that post in your blog.

Creating Online Stores

Selling your articles to other bloggers, writing a short online book that you can sell. All these are great ideas for making money from an online store in your blog.

Sell ​​Educational Files

If you specialize in a particular subject, it’s best to get paid and generate audio, video, text, and eBooks, and sell them on your blog.

Holding Classes and Training Courses

Using this method requires a high degree of knowledge and content that has been accepted amongst your audience so that it will bring some sort of trust with it. This trust can be used to sell classes and more extencive classes on your topic of interestr.


As you’ve noticed in this article, earning money from blogs will take time, skills, and trust, but will surely bring you a more lucrative and more secure income than traditional ones. If you need help with setting up your blog contact us at anytime and we will be happy to help you around.

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