High hosting consumption rate!

High hosting consumption rate!

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The optimum limit is a topic that most often applies to most cases. This is also true for resource utilization. This means that our website conditions and structure should be in such a way as to optimize the use of hardware resources. Otherwise, the website will have a lot of problems and will cost a lot to the website owner. In this article, we will guide you to set up and manage your website in an optimal way to use hardware resources. Also, if you are informed that a website is vulnerable, you will be offered solutions to the problem as soon as possible.

When does highly consumed hosting come about?

It usually happens in two ways. The first mode is when hits of a website are high and the second is when the website visitors are not high but it is consuming high resources. If the second situation applies, then there is usually a problem that needs fixing! In the first case, even with high hits, consumption of resources may be higher than usual, and that is normal, however, that doesn’t mean we cannot optimize it even more. In these scenarios, we have to think about solving the problem. Usually, the first thought comes to our mind is to upgrade the service and with that, we can fix the problem. This is completely wrong!

The main reasons are high consumed rates

Usually, the problem of high consumed hosting is due to technical or security issues. The main reasons are as follows:

  • The website is under DDoS service attacks or the forced entry of Brute Force.
  • Absolute incompatibility of the content management system, template and website extensions with the host
  • Use of inappropriate and incompatible templates or extensions
  • website visits have gone up.

Save money and optimize website performance

Examining and solving the problem of high-consumed hosting, in addition to cost savings, also increases the performance of the website. The more developed the website, the more difficult it will be to manage it. So, it’s better to work on optimizing its resources first. In such cases, the consumption may be so high that it will make it possible to get out of the server!

Solving the problem of high-end consumption

Regarding the number of WordPress users compared to other content management systems, this article addresses the high consumption problem with WordPress. The main reasons for the mentioned above and will be discussed further.

DDoS or Brute Force attacks

For every website, especially good and valid websites, this may happen and continue on happenning. In this case, we need to take a safe approach to tackle these problems. For WordPress, our suggestion is to do the following:

  • Restrict the management environment of wp-admin to IP and protect the directory
  • Configure access level 400 for the wp-config.php file
  • Restrict the wp-config.php file and xmlrpx.php to the IP
  • Use DDoS Protection like Cloud-Flare as needed

Incompatible website content with the host

Disorder is the proper word for this subject. Suppose there are two antivirus and firewall systems installed on the system! This would not be good, or if the resources of the system would be very much occupied. So, we have to keep in mind that the content management system, templates, and plugins we use are fully compatible with the hosts and each other.

Problems due to the template and extensions

This problem usually occurs when using malformed or unauthorized plugins or templates. Our suggestion is always to use legally downloaded templates and extensions. You should also notice that their installation packages should also be downloaded from the original dirtributor.

Rising website visits

Congratulations! If the only reason for rising consumption of resources is the increase the number of visits to the website, especially actual real hits. In this case, we propose to upgrade your service.

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