Everything to know about Alexa

Everything to know about Alexa

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In 1996, Alexa’s website began to target users with better access to their web pages based on their performance. Since then, Alex’s toolbar has been downloaded millions of times, and users around the world have contributed to making Alexa’s website one of the world’s largest databases. Ultimately, Alexa is a good source of information about the websites, and you can find out about the popularity and visitation of a website by Alexa Rank.

Alexa’s other service is to sort the world’s websites based on popularity, as well as Alexa ranked websites based on their country and background, providing these information to their users.

How is the Alexa Rank calculated?

Alexa’s website never reveals all its fables and does not fully disclose its sources of information to determine Alexa’s rank, but Alexa has a better understanding of website ranking by examining the basics of collecting information.

According to Alexa’s website information: Alexa Ranking is based on the number of page views and the number of visitors in the past 3 months, based on the users’ and user information sources.

In the first step, Alexa calculates the number of visitors and the rate of page views for all websites in a single day, and your website ranking is calculated on the basis of these two major factors. We also read on another Alexa page that:

Alexa’s website will not be available without the information obtained from the user’s toolbar, any user who uses this tool will also help Alexa in addition to using the features. In fact, any user using Alexa Toolbar has some useful information, such as what the use of the Internet is and what websites are suitable or which websites are available. This information is used to calculate the number of links to the websites and Alexa Global Ranking.

The more users use this tool, Alexa’s performance will be more accurate and better.

As noted above, Alexa’s website gains a huge amount of its information to determine Alexa’s rank through the user’s toolbar, so you need not only more visitors to get the best Alexa Rank, but you’ll need visitors who also need to have Alexa toolbar installed.

This is a major problem for a customer and the company that did not get a better ranking in Alexa by increasing the number of visitors, its client’s website for entertainment and their customers were mostly teenagers and non-professional Internet users who do not have Alexa’s toolbar installed. Yes, Alexa’s performance is weak, but why is it so important for us?

Why should we pay attention to Alexa Rank?

1 – It improves Google webite rank

There is no evidence for the impact of the Alexa Rank on Google Page Ranking and virtually the two websites operate independently, but most of the activities that you must do to improve the Alexa Ranking of your website will directly affect your Google PageRank and will be a good measure for you.

2 – Sell ​​more advertisement space

Internet advertisers and your customers are paying attention to Alexa’s rating on your website, which makes it an important factor in determining where your ads are. For example, in getting an Internet advertisement for a website, having a rank below 500 or 1000 Alexa is very important and increases the cost of advertising.

3 – The quality of the website

The goodness of the Alexa Ranking from the user’s point of view is indicative of the usefulness of your website content. Since Alexa’s website does not directly measure the usefulness of the content of your pages, its up-to-date and usefulness can lead to a better ranking for you as it will attract more visitors to your website. On the other hand, these visitors will rank Alexa to determine the amount of credit your website and content will get.

 How to improve website’s Alexa Rank?

  1. Install the Alexa toolbar on your browser and your colleagues
  2. Have more useful and prolonged content on your website
  3. Make your ads more accurate
  4. Go to Alexa’s website and confirm your identity as the website owner
  5. Complete your website information in Alexa
  6. Ask your customers to go to Alexa and comment about you
  7. Encourage your visitors to install Alexa toolbar
  8. Work on your SEO, or get a professional to help you out.
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