Everything a website needs

Everything a website needs

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Everything a website needs, you say? 

Yes. I am about to show you what every website needs to actually run. Also if you were wondering where you heard that before, well, “Everything a website needs” is Kiuloper‘s slogan. After all, Kiuloper does offer everything a website needs to succeed. Well here we go, every website needs :

  1. Fast and powerful storage (web hosting)
  2. A good and short name (domain)
  3. Great and responsive design (web development)
  4. Powerful security against the bad guys (SSL)
  5. Ways to let the world know of you (SEO)
  6. Easily and fast solution phone lovers (APP)

Now, now. I know, maybe this is actually too much, well there are actually even more, like a good customer service, but there are actually some essential things that are needed and some are just good to have. So let me tell you what is needed and what is not.

1. Fast and powerful storage (Web hosting)

First thing every website needs is an actual place to store the stuff they want. Think of it in this way. you use a USB to store images, word files, music, and presentations. Well, websites need the same thing, they need a “USB” to store their images, user information, and all those codes that will take a website to work. Now the concept is actually much more complicated than that. While you can use your own computer, or your own USB as a storage for your website, you need to get it connected to the internet 24/7 so that others on the world wide web can actually access the stuff on your computer or USB.

Yes, they need to access your computer or USB. Scary right? what if you get hacked? what if your internet gets disconnected? That if you reach the limit on the space you have? That is why we have companies that offer storage (web hosting) for you. Kiuloper is one of these companies that offer web storage. the fun fact its actually unlimited!

2. A good and short name (Domain)

Second thing every website needs is a website address, a website domain. Your actual storage (web host) can work without a domain, but it will just be a bunch of numbers, like which is Google’s. However do you really just want people to access your website through a bunch of numbers? I don’t think so! is better or google.com? Which is more accessible?

I thought so! now domains have different ranges of pricing. Some start from free, and they go even over a $1000/year. However, most domain prices range from $5/year to $20/year. Kiuloper offers over 370 domains. Also please do not get confused when we say we have over 370 domains with we have 370 names that can be replaced with “google” in “google.com”. We have over 370 domains that replace “com” in “google.com”

3. Great and responsive design (web development)

At this point, you have the essentials of having a website down. While having a good looking website is not needed if you are just trying to have a website that is all just plain text get out of Kiuloper now! you are not welcome here! Every website needs to look presentable to its viewers. If you do not have a design on your website, well good luck getting anywhere! Remember that we still have some old designers that are using flash and are not coding responsively. Please stop working with them! nowadays you will be laughed at if you have a website that is running a single line of flash and it still not responsive.

By the way, I keep on saying responsive without telling you what it is, well a responsive design is when a website looks great and is still easily accessible in different devices, such as computers, laptops, tablets or phones. Kiuloper itself is a responsive design, but there are tons of websites out there that are not responsive (basically all the old looking ones.) Kiuloper offers it’s own web development services to all those who need a fix ASAP.

4. Powerful security against the bad guys (SSL)

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) used to be a very unnecessary thing to spend money and time on, but everything is changed now. In the simplest way possible, SSL is that green lock, or sometimes with a green bar, next to the website address that indicates to viewers if this website is secure and trustworthy or not. While SSL is actually used to secure one’s website from getting hacked, most companies get it because of the green lock. If you don’t have do not expect viewers to trust you even a little bit with their user information, like passwords or credit cards.

When a website is loaded up in Chrome and does not have SSL running on the website, Chrome will warn the viewer that the website that they are looking at is not secure. So be careful, SSL is a must to succeed. Did you know that Kiuloper offers so many SSL certificates that you will get lost in choosing one?

5. Ways to let the world know of you (SEO)

Yes, while SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is not necessary, you will rarely actually have visitors if you are not optimized in search engines like Google. Having a website does not mean that you will get viewers on the spot. You need to let the world know some way or another that you are here! If you do not have a good SEO, well Google will ignore you fully! SEO is a very big thing and has so many different categories under it, but the simplest way to look at it is SEO is needed if you want to actually have viewers or customers. Yes! Kiuloper also offers SEO services, and alongside that Kiuloper will also help you advertise in Google in the cheapest way possible.

6. Easily and fast solution phone lovers (APP)

I know, I know. APP!!! WEBSITES NEED MOBILE APPS? NO! not really. Not every website need their own app. However, if you want to really make it easier to access your content for your users, you will create an app. Yes, not even Kiuloper has an app of its own, because it is simply not needed for what Kiuloper does. (At least for now) Besides app making can be a hell, alongside being super expensive. Some companies have App Builder that you can use to create professional apps for your business, however, they are still expensive.

I know what you are thinking, “Oh the next thing is, but Kiuloper offers an App Builder for a super cheap price.” Sadly, we do not offer any app builder YET! Kiuloper still keeps its promise of offering everything a website needs all in one, so I promise you that we will come with an app builder SOON. Yes soon, we are actually working on a ridiculously cheap phone app builder for website owners.

Fun fact: did you know Kiuloper is Canadian?

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