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Find Who You Are, Find Your Name.

Run our domain checker and see what are the best options for your name.

or transfer your domain to our system!

FREE Privacy Protection

We believe you should be able to control your personal information online. Our WHOIS Domain Privacy is included at NO COST with most out domain names to keep you safe and secure.

NO Hidden Fees

We don’t want to suddenly charge you 10 times more than what you originally paid! No need to hide anything from you. We are real with our low prices.

FREE Subdomains

Need tons of subdomains for your website? No worries. Enjoy UNLIMITED subdomains, domain forwarding, and email forwarding with our hosting packages!

SIMPLE Domain Management

Have full control with our simple control panel over managing your domains, editing DNS records, setting up domain forwarding, and more. If you get stuck, just let us know!

Some Tips on Getting a Great Domain Name

Research on it First

Look for a name that is memorable and catchy. If the visitors remember it, there is a chance they’ll come back!

Protect your Brand

Purchasing various extensions and misspelled versions of your domain can help protect your brand.

Think of your Audience

Try your best to get a domain that is relevant to the audience that you are trying to target.

Improve your SEO

Include your target keyword in the domain name! This way you will have a better SEO.

Think of something Simple

Avoid using numbers, hyphens, long names, and non-unicode characters in the domain name.

Don't wait too Long

If you find an awesome domain, don’t hesitate to register it before someone else takes it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a domain name?

Basically, a domain is the name of your website. Domains are closely tied to web hosting, which is the storage space for website files and data. A custom domain gives your site a professional look, strengthens your brand, and helps visitors find you on the web.

I have a domain name at a different company. Can I transfer it?

Yes, you can transfer a domain from or to Kiuloper at any time. Transferring to Kiuloper will give you all the free services we offer to domains registered with us!

What is WHOIS Domain Privacy and why is it important?

Also called private registration, WHOIS Domain Privacy protects your personal information (phone number, email, and physical address) from being shown in the publicly available WHOIS database.

As background, ICANN, the governing body for domain names, mandates that all domain registrars publish the personal contact information of domain registrants in the public WHOIS database. Email and phone scammers scrape and collect this information for spam, scams, and identity theft.

Domain Privacy prevents these spammers from collecting your personal info. Here at Kiuloper we offer free domain privacy with most our domains.