Does your startup need PWA?

Does your startup need PWA?

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The web is a great platform that provides easy access for everyone in the same manner. It’s easy to access a website’s information, such as Flipboard, from a desktop browser. However, working on a mobile device can be a bit confusing for one.

Does your startup need PWA?

In many countries, when you buy a new phone, the essential apps for you are installed by default, however, in some other countries, you must have access to an App Store or use WiFi or a mobile data network to get them fully installed and functioned. Since access to these items may be expensive or hard, downloading mobile apps through the App Store can sometimes be hard for some people. 

This is where PWAs come to rescue users. In fact, PWA, progressive website application, is a web application that displays the main features of a website for you as an app. The features that exist in PWAs are on the rise.

Flipkart has announced that about 63 percent of its users access the website through a 2G network; for such users, the speed of the app is an advantage. For this, the Flipkart Lite web application was introduced to allow different users to access the app in a better way. It also makes the app size much smaller than before.

Considering all the benefits of web-based apps, in this section of the story, you can read 6 reasons why a progressive web application can help your startup:

1. Target more contacts

With a progressive web app, you can get a lot more users. These users can have different smart devices with different internet, or data speed. PWA can display different websites with different page sizes. So users can access this series of apps in a variety of ways. Doing so can encourage a lot more audience than usual to use your startup and push them towards using your services.

2. No need to install

One of the main challenges that mobile apps face is the issue of installing and downloading them. When you install a mobile app, you have to use some of your memory and of course downloading some excess files that come with apps. But PWAs are just as large as the website page the use is on. In fact, since this application runs through the browser, its size is managed through the browser.

3. The latest version

Sometimes looking at the latest version of a mobile app can be difficult and time-consuming. The web applications have already considered this issue, and since they are managed through the browser, they are updated automatically with the update of the original website.

4. Less data and offline access

Offline access is one of the biggest key points that should be communicated with web-enabled apps. It also provides accessibility with a very little bit of data and speed, because it consumes very little data.

5. Less sensitivity and more flexibility

This is a very important reason for startups to choose a progressive web app. When downloading an app from an AppStore, apart from downloading and installing it, the user must give the application permissions. That’s why there is a bit of friction and sensitivity. But all you need to do is to use a progressive web application, find the website you want and click the Add to Home Screen option. No more permission request! The ability to sync data between the browser and the PWA app is one of the great applications that users can use since the data is always the same between the PWA and the browser.

6. Better security

Every day more websites migrate to https, and this process is continuing. PWAs need to have a secure connection like the same https, so sending and receiving requests, usually through APIs, is very secure. So having a PWA-like app can be a huge bonus for startups, and it is highly recommended to start creating one for your company.

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