Choosing the right keyword for your site SEO

Choosing the right keyword for your website SEO

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The appropriate keyword is the need for any website; choosing the right keyword for attracting users should be as good as possible to be ranked higher in Google search results and other search engines. With that in mind, one of the best ways to get higher positions is to find the right keywords for the business and use them in the text and other elements of the website.

Keywords are 2-6 words that your customer searches to find you (or business like yours) when they search. The most challenging thing is to find the right keyword because it’s not always easy to decide which keyword to choose.

Choosing the right keyword could be easier!

Make a list

The first step to finding the right keyword is to create a list. Think of the words and phrases your customers use when they search for your business on Google. Do you have any doubts about the keywords you have found? Search for those terms in Google and see if your competitors appear in the results. If the answer was yes, you probably chose the correct words.

Be careful

When creating a keyword list, select words that represent what you are doing and the services or products you offer. Then add more popular words such as “store” or “price”. If your business is local, try adding words that represent your location. This helps you target your local customers and find the right people on your site.

Think like your customers

Put yourself in the place of your customers. Put aside the definition of your own business; Instead, think about what words will you be searching on Google when trying to find a business like yours.

Use a keyword research tool

SEO experts use keyword research tools like Moz Explorer, Google Analytics, or SEMRush to select keywords. These tools accurately reflect the number of people who search for specific terms every month. These tools also offer phrases for your use and can determine how competitive each keyword is.

Google Keyword Research Tool

Google’s keyword research tool is a great tool for two important reasons: First, it’s free, and secondly, it’s the owner of Google, the king of everything related to search. This tool can also offer similar expressions to the terms you enter. If you want to start working with this handy tool, you can read Google’s comprehensive guide (English).

Moz explorer

Although the Moz keyword search tool offers only country-level search information, it does have extraordinary performances to suggest phrases that are not in your mind. By entering the keyword you can see information like difficulty, opportunity, priority of a word.


SEMRush is also another favorite tool for SEO experts. In addition to the keyword information, you can also use it to check your competitors’ ratings, just enter the domain, then click Organic Results, and then click Positions.

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