Choosing the right color for your website

Choosing the right color for your website

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Choosing the right color for your website can be difficult. What makes a user interact with a website is the UX design of a website. Certainly, this special design is not done in a single color, and it requires the combination of several colors in a way that the user can enjoy the website. Perhaps you can bring the user friendly text to your site, but what makes users connect with the website and love your site is the beauty and color of your site. Here’s how to choose the right color and what colors are best for your website.

Choose the right color for the site What makes a user interact with a site is the UX design of the website. The good taste of the designer is undoubtedly unaffected by the good design of a website, but it is not acceptable to design a purple or yellow design for the entire site.

The psychology of colors and the effect of each color in each occupation

In the psychology of colors, different colors are recommended for different occupations. Each color has a special message and special energy for itself. In choosing the right color for the website, you can use complementary and neutral colors or colors that are happy and complementary. Here are some brief descriptions of colors.

Supplemental and neutral colors

Different businesses like offices, schools, universities, science and news websites require a simple site design with two or three colors. For example, use the blue color and its supplements for the logo, menu, and links, and neutral colors like white for the background and contrasting colors like black for texts.

Happy and opposite colors of one another

Restaurants, nurseries, online sales, and jobs like this require the use of happy colors for website design. Colors like red, yellow, and orange are warm colors that transfer energy to the user are the best options for advertising and attention. In fact, when choosing the color of your site, you have to think about how you want to transfer what you feel to your audience, and also what the age of your audience is.

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Dark and light colors

For example, for a site designed only for corporate executives, it’s best to use serious colors such as hazelnut or black, but you have to bring these colors only in the menu and in the small sections of the site so that the website does not turn confusing. Dark sites can usually be seen in security training, music and videos websites.

So, according to your business, choose the right color for your website, for your visitor.

Select a suitable color for the website

Color selection is not just in the background and the header of the website, but the choice of text color is also very important. This selection should be in a way that does not get the visitors tired from reading the texts. The best choice for background color is bright colors for dark color text. There are also sites with colored backgrounds or colored text that may be very beautiful, but the point is to use complementary colors. The contrast of the contrast and the contrast between colors will only render users away from your website.

Coordinate between pages

Each page on the website must be compatible with other pages. The colors change permanently on each page causes the user to wonder on the web.

Corporate color

Paint your own business. The use of a color as a branding color in the logo, website design, and even decoration is a sign of your neatness and distinction. By choosing an organizational color, you always stay in the minds of users.

Any color culture

Colors in each and every country are very important and different. The use of flag colors in each country for public websites gives a better impression to visitors. For example, red is important for China, green for Saudi Arabia, blue and red for the United States, and so on. By reviewing the colors, we can design more lovely websites.

Age range of users

The website for selling toys is very different from a website that sells gadgets. The age range of the users is very different between these two websites. By examining the members’ age, we can choose colors that are closer to their taste. As already mentioned, for example, music websites, movie downloads, image studios, and more are used by young people and teenagers. Therefore, darker colors are what most of these websites use. Other websites, such as websites that target children, come in vibrant colors for their design.

Color blind

According to statistics, 10% of the population is color blind. Therefore websites can look like a mess to users that cannot see all colors. You can use the Colorblind Web Page Filter to make the colors of your site understandable and easier for users with this problem.

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