Alexa FAQ

Alexa FAQ

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Get to know Alexa first!

In the past, a topic titled everything to know about Alexa was published in our blog, which explored the appropriate approaches to webmasters and its impact on the Alexa ranking. With a lot of questions about how this website works, in this article, we are going to try to answer some of the most commun questions asked in regards to Alexa.

1. Why did my daily visit increase, but I got a worse ranking on Alexa?

In short, we can say that the ranking of your website on Alexa depends on the visit of other websites, and an increase in the number of hits alone can not guarantee the improvement of your rank.
There may be a significant increase in your visit over a given day or time period simply due to the greater use of users at that time on the Internet. This means that your competitors will also have the same hits. That’s why your rating on Alexa may get worse than before.

2. Why is my website rank in Alexa having a jump?

The answer to the previous question is also applicable here, which means that due to the dependence of all the websites in this ranking, you may be faced with sudden changes and rank jumps on the Alexa website, for example, in one day from the 20,000 world ranking Decrease to 17,000 or vice versa.
On websites that are over 100,000 worldwide, Alexa’s website statistics are relatively relative and competition between websites is not intense. For that reason, with a modest increase of 10 hits a day, you will see a sudden and large downgrade. On the top websites, the competition is very intense and may not even change your rank by increasing your 1000 daily views.

3. Why are my backlinks to the website more than what Alexa says?

The websites that Alexa’s website introduces as your backlink are those that are crawled by robots and contain links to one of your website’s pages. The conditions for approving a website as your back link are as follows:

  • Alexa’s website counts the websites that have given you links and not the number of linked pages.
  • The number of backlinks is updated on a weekly basis for all websites and on a daily basis, for websites that use Alexa’s statistics and accounts.
  • Links that are known as links purchased or exchanged will not be seen in your link list. Websites with high output links do not arrive at Alexa’s website results.
  • Links to search engine results pages such as Google, Yahoo and Bing will not be considered as your backlinks.
  • Only pages that have acceptable hits are logged on to Alexa’s website results, otherwise, your link on these pages will not matter.
  • Note that the ranking on Alexa does not depend on the number of your backlinks and will only affect that number.

4. Why does Alexa place me in a particular country?

Based on the ratio of visitors from each country, Alexa puts your website in the ranking of countries and the country with the most visitors. Of course, by verifying the owner of the website and the simple settings, you can identify the country in which you are located or where are your targeted customers.

How do I enter my contact information for my website?

If you have verified your ownership of the website using the edit your listing section. You can provide a brief description of the website and contact information on Alexa’s website. If the website belongs to someone else or you do not have the possibility to approve your ownership, you can send Alexa support section a request to change some of the information.
Alexa’s website does not provide a separate ranking for your subdomains unless you have specifically used free blogging or hosted systems with subdomains.

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