Ways to Make Your Business More Environmentally Friendly

9 Ways to Make Your Business More Environmentally Friendly

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9 Ways to Make Your Business More Environmentally Friendly

As times are changing, consumers are not just customers of a business but often times brand ambassadors. People are looking to uplift and promote more environmentally friendly businesses that are serving individuals excellent products and services, while also taking care of the environment. It is nothing new to consumers that the world we are living in is slowly deteriorating due to greenhouse gas emissions, toxic waste, pollution, extinction of species and various other things. Businesses are almost always favoured more and adored when they actively take care of the planet and take specific measure to set back climate change.

With this being said, in today’s article, we will be discussing 9 simple yet effective techniques that you can implement in your business to make it more environmentally friendly.

1. Utilize natural light

It is so easy to get lost in the big beams of artificial lighting to make your business look all big and fancy but when businesses utilize natural lighting it conserves energy. Electricity is energy, so the next time you want to do renovations in your office space, or building, think about adding big windows everywhere they might be a little bit of an investment at first, but they will save you from a big electricity bill and will save the planet too.

2. Save the paper

As known, paper comes from trees, and if businesses only knew how much paper is wasted on a daily basis, for small meaningless things such as quick notes or scribbling they would see why It’s so much more effective to invest in technology like an iPad, or laptop where you can make notes and only use paper when it is mandatory.

3. Only print necessary things

This is also to save paper, but so many times companies print unnecessary sign-up sheets, or infographics when they can just be emailed to every individual in a company. The next time you are printing something for your company, make sure to check and see if there are other ways of distributing the news via email, or even text.

4. Reusable bottle rule

In a company, employees spend a large part of their day in the office, and every individual has the need to drink loads of water throughout the day. The best thing you can do for your company and for the planet is to set up a water bottle station and have a reusable bottle rule in the company. This way, employees can only bring reusable bottles, and no plastic bottles will be seen. Endless amounts of plastic being wasted is a major contribution to climate change and the planets unwell being.

5. Switch to energy-efficient light bulbs

If we think realistically windows are not something that can be placed everywhere, and if you already have a company building and are in no mood to renovate switching your regular light bulbs to energy-efficient ones is the way to go. This saves you money, and energy-efficient light bulbs last longer as well.

6. Donating old electronics

In a company, it is almost a given in that individuals will constantly be changing their laptops, phones, and iPads to the latest and greatest. What a good company leader can do is collect the old devices, even batteries etc. and donate them off to places that collect and recycle them. Almost every IKEA has a donation section where you can recycle old electronics and batteries.

7. Sustainable air conditioning

It’s understandable that during the summertime it can get really hot, but realistically air conditioning is not a necessity, it is a luxury. However, heating is a necessity. Company leaders can provide sustainable fans for the workplace, and even sustainable AC units to conserve energy being produced.

8. Use Green team building activities

The next time everyone as a company wants to do some sort of activity or ice breaker to get closer with each member of your team, consider going to a park and cleaning it up, or collecting garbage, or even holding a recycling event. This way all the employees are interacting and having fun, but they are also taking care of the planet.

9. Educate your team

It is so important as a company leader to put emphasis on the importance of sustainability, and climate change. If you as a leader show importance to a topic, the employees will follow in a good leaders’ footsteps. So, make sure to educate your employees about climate change, and how to protect the planet, so they can implement the changes at work and even in their day to day lives.

The final message

As you can see, it is not hard to take active measures to make your business greener and more environmentally friendly. When companies take active measures to care about the planet, their consumers are more loyal and support their brand and its story more. It is also an amazing way for your business to flourish further.

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