How to offer the right user experience

How to offer the right user experience

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User experience is the same experience that every user keeps in mind after using a website, which can be positive or negative, the importance of a user experience is as good as it can be compared to a powerful marketing strategy. W need to make sure that people do have a positive user experience from a website and they will return to it in the near future. In this article, we will consider six good user experience techniques.

1. Simplifying the route

Website users, each with specific goals, enter a website and follow different expectations, simplifying the way these goals make your website distinct among users, and definitely designing a path that they are capable of by taking fewer steps to their expectations is more pleasant. It is important to offer a staright forward path.

Linear Design:

The division of the route into the initial, mid-final points based on predetermined structures allows users to measure the course of work and determine the time needed to work on your website, and be able to complete the task as it deserves.

Predictive design:

Detecting the needs of users quickly and accurately through the projected design, although a quick way, but the chances of finding actual user needs are greatly reduced, and somewhat away from your goals.

Progressive Disclosure:

This method allows users to quickly display their information as they enter the website and search for what they need, and this way they do not face a large amount of unrelated information.

User-based information:

Sometimes your users are users who are constantly visiting your website and looking for information on a particular topic. Providing classified information to them based on their previous needs is also a way to help improve user experience and to increase the interest of website audiences. 

2. Focus on content

Often, users log in to a website looking for useful content that they can quickly and easily spend less time on. Eliminating irrelevant information and designing a website where content is important, and highlighting the content is what every website needs to make their goal. User-friendly websites enable users to find these content more quickly and without having to spend continuous user interfaces within a few seconds to get their information. However, to achieve this desirable, several points should be considered:

Accurate visual structure:

Whether a user, after viewing content, at the very first moment is able to recognize the required content, is a special feature that you can achieve with the use of visual detectors such as color usage for CTAs.

Remove unnecessary items:

Removing details can make the whole thing more comprehensive and make it easier for the general public to understand the general idea and make them more interested in the website content.

White space:

Try to have space around the important elements of your content in order to create enough visibility for users.

3. Improved personalization

First, try to identify the needs of users who enter your website so that you can personalize your user experience based on their needs. One can not ignore the most popular personalization experience. User experience is to pay attention to user behavior because your website’s customers are the same users. There are different ways to personalize, most notably as follows:

Content based on user location:

The coordination of the information provided exactly with the location where the user is located is of utmost importance on every website. Changing that information at the same time as the location of the audience is something that major websites are paying attention to.

Special interface:

Understanding the different problems that a user might have in communicating with a website and defining layers that fit the needs of users are the most basic personalization goals that will make the user more user-friendly with the website.

4. Humanoid

With the development of many other technologies, people do not look at digital devices like the past as an unplugged device, the loss of a person among a host of technologies makes users look at these systems, and people prefer to face a human machine, rather than an empty machine. A website that recognizes and then removes the needs of its user as a zombie, that is to say, with the feeling of being entered and showing these feelings in its feedback, can surely go a few steps from rival websites and, in a shorter time, success will come your way.

5. Bio-metric authentication

The biometric authentication done by identifying a face or sound and a fingerprint instead of spending a variety of passwords allows users to experience more enjoyable experience because they do not have to try to authenticate themselves, which also results in website security and Enhanced user comfort.

6. Video content

Providing the highest quality video content with increasing growth is the textual content that can give a better user experience to the audience. Here are some of the important things to look for in order to improve the quality of your video content: 

Match Portrait:

Today, most users go to websites with their smartphones, putting your videos in the form of Portrait does not let you lose your audiences that enter into your website through their phones.

HD video images:

The quality along with the ability to display the entire video in a page is considered to be two of the most appealing and popular categories in the video, so try to get the videos you’ve created adorned with these features.

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