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4 Reasons why you should have a Mobile App for your Business

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4 Reasons why you should have a Mobile App for your Business

In a business, the use of mobile apps has become extremely crucial for several reasons but, the most important reason being that it creates better brand awareness. In terms of brand awareness, there are numerous benefits to having a mobile app for a business, such as an increase in sales, customer loyalty, the creation of a larger audience, and lastly an overall stronger brand. In today’s article, we will be breaking down the 4 reasons why you, as a business owner should create an app for your current and future consumers, as well as be taking a look at the success Starbucks has produced since creating a mobile app for their business.

1. An Increase in Sales

When creating an app for your business, an increase of sales is a given, this is because consumers will now have the ability to access your company’s product or service anytime, anywhere, just from their smartphones. By the use of an app, you as a business owner can send out automated notifications to each user, as a way to inform them regarding any new products or services along with any special offers. Through ensuring a way for your consumers to easily access your product or service, in just the click of a button, it incites them to want to purchase what you have to offer which will in turn, increase your long-term sales. In terms of Starbucks, they have increased their sales drastically through using their mobile app. Within their app, they send out automated messages and emails, as discussed above and inform their customers about daily promotions and new drinks added to their menu. Through these automated messages, customers feel encouraged to stop by and buy an item at Starbucks due to the daily reminder provided on the app.

2. Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is one of the most crucial loyalties to acquire as a business. Luckily, it is something that is not difficult to obtain as long as you ensure that you put your customers wants and needs first. When first using an app, consumers need to feel like they can trust a business, before inputting all their personal information into it. By ensuring that your consumers know that their personal information is protected and safe, they will continue going back to your company’s app when trying to purchase a product or service. Along with this, within your app, taking the initiative to add a specific section where users can directly contact your customer service line and have any questions or concerns answered, shows your consumers that you, as a business truly care about their overall experience with your company. In terms of customer loyalty, Starbucks has done an astonishing job in keeping its customers. They have done so buy creating a Starbucks reward section on their mobile app which collects stars every time a customer purchases an item. Through creating this, customers build a sense of loyalty through continually purchasing items at Starbucks, with the hopes of receiving a free item on their menu. Along with this, Starbucks guarantees that they take secure safety precautions regarding any customer information on their mobile app and is yet to have any trouble facing fraudulent activity.

3. Creates an Audience

Using an app as a main method of communication with your consumers is a very effective strategy, for it allows you to have a platform where you can connect with your users on a more personal level from anywhere in the world, at any time. By taking the time to interact with your consumers, such as sending out messages directly from you, the business owner, can make consumers feel welcomed and wanted within the company and therefore can create a larger audience, moving forward. Starbucks has created a strong audience on their mobile app through celebrating each and every one of their customers birthdays with a free treat. By doing so, Starbucks customers have felt valued and appreciated within their company and therefor continues going there consistently.

4. Stronger Brand Image

One of the most impactful things you, as a business owner can do is give insight to your consumers on why and how your company came to be. When consumers have a better understanding of the reason behind your business and the hard work that goes into creating each product or service, the brand image of your company becomes stronger in their eyes. Through deviating away from just selling and promoting and instead, sharing and communicating, your consumers will form a level of trust with your brand, which in turn creates strong long-term relationships. In terms of Starbucks’s brand image, on their mobile app, they take the initiative to post what they stand for on their homepage, as well as post short blog posts for their customers to enjoy while waiting for their order. This here has strengthened their brand image for it shows their customers how much they care for them, which in turn creates a strong long-term relationship.

The final message

Creating a mobile app for your business comes with many benefits if used correctly, as seen through the success of Starbucks. So, through understanding the 4 reasons why you, as a business owner should create an app as a way to grow your business, can be one of the most impactful ways to bring awareness to your company, as well as create long-term success, moving forward.

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