4 Reasons to use the nofollow code

4 Reasons to use the nofollow code

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To better understand the nofollow code, we need to better understand how a page is validated by search engines. If you have a website with a homepage linking to 10 internal pages of your website and 5 pages of other websites, you have 15 outbound links in total. When the other website links to your homepage, we call that inline link. If you assume that you have 30 links to your homepage, there are a total of 45 links linked to your homepage, search engines, check your homepage, and check all 45 links, and according to the validity of these pages (PageRank and SEO factors calculate your page rank. The same applies to websites that are in contact with you and form a two-way relationship unless you block the communication path using the nofollow code.

What is the nofollow code?

Nofollow is the code rel =”nofollow”, which is located in the link code of your website. The nofollow code to the search engines indicates that you should not be looking for this link. In fact, you are telling search engines that this link should not be included in the calculation of your page link, but you still allow indexing these pages to search engines.

<a href="www.example.com" rel="nofollow"> Anchor Text </a>

4 Reasons to use Nofollow Code:

Avoiding spammers: If your pages are linked to a spam website, or in the comments section of your website, you can use the nofollow code for spam and inappropriate links to eliminate their impact on your link page.

Avoid content duplication: If you have two different links in your page to an internal or external page that has a diffenent anchor text, it’s best to ignore one of them using the nofollow code.

Money Backlinks: If you really want to influence Google, it’s better to use nofollow links for your ads! You’d better ignore your backlinks for PageRank, in fact, Google has a lot of ways to identify the links you buy and punish, one of which is the user reporting system. Money links can include banners and text ads. So, in your advertisement, use the nofollow link unless you intend to increase your page rank.

Avoid Losing Your Credit: You will receive good links from other websites, but will give you a lot of credit to the websites you link to.

The nofollow code is used in many forums and blogs that allow users to comment, so many CMSs like WordPress also have this feature.

Link building for your website

Your attempt to link to websites that use the nofollow link will not yield any results and will not improve your website. For example, placing your link in a high-profile forum associated with your work but with a nofollow link will have a lot of hits for you, however the effect will worth less than an inbound link.

Sometimes it’s best to have some nofollow code on your pages so Google accepts that your website’s links are normal. To check the nofollow of links on a website, you can search the nofollow word in their source code.

An easier way to discover nofollow links on a website is to use its proprietary plugins in Firefox or Google Chrome. To do this, just add the nofollow expression in the search extensions for these two browsers and download and install the related plugin.


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